Friday, June 25, 2010

Song of the Week 96

Well that's the end of another school semester. This one seemed to drag on and on and then suddenly it was over. Like any job, teaching has ups and downs but I remain amazed that people have to have a little "can't cope" at the same time twice a year. Seriously, you can predict the busy times - take a leaf out of Baden-Powell's book and "Be Prepared".

The end of this term also marks the impending demolition of some old buildings at school. Not before time too. I'm glad to have moved out of my office as the heating and cooling had both given up the ghost quite a while ago. We're in temporary accomodation in a glorified shipping container that has turned out to be a lot better than we thought it might be. Can't wait for the paint fumes to dissapate.

Now I don't want to shock anyone out there so make sure you're sitting down. We get the scooter back tomorrow. When the garage revealed to Alison that it would be another 2-4 weeks to get all the parts I could hear the excrement hitting the fan from miles away!! The upshot is that they have made the scooter roadworthy and we can have it back until they have all the bits to fix the cosmetic damage. Amazing.

Perhaps this song reflects my frustration with the week that was. It came on in the car this evening as part of a mix-cd that DJ McG gave me and captured the moment.

The Ramones - I Wanna Be Sedated:

But I have three weeks of stand down now so you can expect happy pop songs next week.

It would be remiss of me not to at least quickly mention Australian politics. After all, it is a rare opportunity that I am actually qualified to make any of the comments I pour out as part of this blogging extravaganza.

I'll preface this by reminding all my loyal readers that I lean to the left side of politics. It is no secret.

So, we've got a new Prime Minister. Not a shock really. Kevin dug his own grave. You can only act at being personable for so long if it isn't real. I'm not doubting that he is smart. I'm not doubting that he had some great ideas and took some hard decisions. But, the Labor Party risked being slaughtered at the next election if Kevin remained in the top job. People just didn't like him anymore. In my opinion he became smug and lost his mass appeal. So does Julia have the goods? We'll see.

But I am totally and utterly sick to death of continuing comments on her gender, hair colour and marital status. It doesn't matter. What matters is if she can do the job as PM effectively or not. So many male politicians are fat and unattractive but we hear very little comment about them in this regard. This isn't "Australia's Next Top Model" folks so ignore the hype and concentrate on the substance. In a country where people would be outraged to be asked about their gender, marital status, sexuality or hair colour at a job interview (and it would be illegal) why are we fixated on Julia's personal information.

On the political theme but injecting some humour here's a song about one of our greatest Prime Ministers - Bob Hawke. Love him or hate him, few people would deny that he had charisma to spare.

Redgum - The Drover's Dog:

And the Socceroos are out of the World Cup. Sad but then we still have a way to go to be consistently serious competitors on a the world stage. All that diving is such a bore anyway - glad to see Italy were eliminated as they are one of the worst team of offenders.

Ironman training is coming along nicely. I've been working hard on training consistently and working towards a really good endurance base. The cycle commuting has helped a lot, swimming is starting to feel good and running is great too. The distances just need to continue to get longer!

As I reflect over the last six months I have had one close friend die and another two are seriously ill. That has really put a lot of other things into context for me and made me think about what really matters in life. Enjoy your time with your friends and don't work so hard that your family thinks you are some kind of ghost - it isn't worth it.

In new music I have read that there is a compilation of Kris Kristofferson's early demo recordings available. Many of these are songs he wrote for other people. Kris is an artist that is growing on me. I can really get into the honest and gruff delivery of his songs as well as his lyrics. I will investigate and report back.

But this week's track is for Zoë. She has been working very, very hard in the backstage crew at the school musical and I am very proud of her. Motorheads "We Are The Roadcrew" isn't quite her style I don't reckon. But this next track was used as the pre-show music at the show and I can picture Zoë really liking it so here we go.

Paul Simon - Diamonds On The Sole of Her Shoes: (with lyrics for you karaoke fans!)

Have a great weekend.
DJ Rob

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