Friday, June 4, 2010

Song of the Week 93

There is too much going on. And my brain is full. This week I would like to plug in an external hard drive and do a quick backup.

And I'm tired. I think that running the 13km to school this morning wasn't such a good idea. Not that I didn't enjoy it because I did.

So, let's cut to the chase and check out a few songs.

Here's something you may not have heard before. Straight out of Sweden is a band called First Aid Kit. I know nothing about them save for reading a short review in a music magazine. The band is made up of two sisters who came to fame initially via a cover of a Fleet Foxes tune they posted on YouTube. And I think this is the first time I've seen an autoharp for quite a while. For fans of folk music and indie pop probably.

First Aid Kit - Hard Believer:

This next song rolled around on my iPod(tm) this morning during my run. It jolted me out of a momentary lapse of motivation! A great song, a funny video but serious lyrics.

Iron Maiden - Run To The Hills:

DJ Fat Rollins organized the biopic "Nowhere Boy" for me to watch. It is the story of young John Lennon. A great film with some very funny and very sad moments. Even if you think the Beatles were just an average band of Liverpudlians you'll probably enjoy the film.

As I said last week my new guitar arrived at long last. And it is fabulous. I don't think I've ever played a guitar that has such a wide range of sounds. In my experience most guitars lend themselves to certain songs. For example, my original red Strat copy is just fabulous for the "Money for Nothing" intro - it almost plays itself. And this new guitar already has revealed its own favourite song. And it is one I would never have expected to play in a month of Sundays. From one of the best country music voices, an amazing song that I can't believe I am enjoying so much...

Dolly Parton - Jolene:

I know that the White Stripes have a version of this song but I don't like the screaming in the middle. It isn't tortured as it could be, it is torturous.

Song of the week. This one has been on my radar for ages now. It cracks me up. But like a lot of rock music, if you're going to take it too seriously you should pass on this track and head over to Everyone has something embarrassing or that they would rather forget somewhere in their past. I know I do. Just remember not to post any of it on facebook! Apologies to all the mums out there driving Volvos...

Everclear - Volvo Driving Soccer Mom:

Australians can't say "Mom". We just don't have the long o sound in the middle. My American and Canadian friends always amuse me because "Rob" becomes much longer than the way we say it!!

Get a life, get a dog.

DJ Rob

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