Friday, June 18, 2010

Song of the Week 95

Did you know that Hugh Laurie (of House and Blackadder fame) plays the piano on the new Meatloaf album? Neither did I but there you go.

Meatloaf - If I Can't Have You:

Now, a word about illegal downloading. When I was younger - not that long ago - we taped albums that our friends had. We couldn't afford to buy all of them. Was it illegal? Yes. Did the artists suffer? No. We weren't going to be able to afford to buy the albums anyway. But, I did become a fan of a number of bands because I had a copy from a friend. In the long run the bands got some money as I spent loads and loads of my salary on LPs and then CDs.

Whilst I am violently opposed to people pirating music to resell the file sharing and downloading argument is much more complex. If I can watch a show on TV for free then why can't I download it to watch at a convenient time? Because I don't have to watch the advertising? Well I don't watch it regardless.

Movies are a bit different. I'd happily take myself to the cinema if there could be some guarantee that there wouldn't be some cretin sitting behind me with a super large bag of noisy food and the need to analyse the film with their nerdy friend for the duration. But that is seemingly impossible. And $15 for the privilege is just a bit outrageous. The DVD hire shop is an option but frankly I am tired of all the movies I want being already out or the discs skipping all over the place.

Do we need a pirate song? I think so!

Norah Jones - Chasing Pirates:

Alison's knee operation seems to have been a success. A quick arthroscopy, in and out of hospital in less than 12 hours. We're not really sure that sending her home to a house with stairs was such a good idea either. Here's hoping that she is back on two feet, walking and running before too long. If not then the kids and I will move out!

Here's a song for Alison:

World Cup fever is here and apart from the boring vuvuzelas it is reasonably enjoyable. Although I didn't enjoy Australia getting thumped by Germany it really wasn't that unexpected. It was great to see NZ draw with Slovakia. I remember the heady days of 1982 when the All Whites marched off to the World Cup in Spain. And I really did enjoy seeing Spain lose to Switzerland. Truly, soccer is such a low scoring game that at the World Cup, anyone has a chance of an upset.

Scotland aren't at the World Cup. They are too good and have elected to stay home. When I was a lot younger they qualified to play in the finals that were in Argentina. Here's the theme song - hilarious and very optimistic. My Granny and Grandpa sent me this song on cassette!

I've heard the official Australian theme song and it pales in comparison!

On Saturday night I went to see two of my friends (finally) get married. This week's song was one we covered in the band where Scot was the singer. Originally by Sisters of Mercy but recorded by Scot and Rod on their first album. Here's the original.

Something Fast - Sisters of Mercy:

Still no scooter. Unbelievable.

Dogs are people too,
DJ Rob

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