Friday, August 27, 2010

Song of the Week #105

Metal fans, I can report that Iron Maiden's new studio album, the first since 2006, is definitely worth a few of your hard earned dollars. "The Final Frontier" is a great listen. Whilst I still don't think they need three guitarists, the album is metal nirvana. Great riffs, great vocals, the standard galloping basslines and one of the best rock drummers there is. The title track is the weakest but has an AWESOME sci fi music video. This track is better.

Iron Maiden - El Dorado:

But not everyone likes metal (for some reason). So here's something a little lighter, soothing perhaps, so turn down the lights.

Garth Brooks and KISS - Hard Luck Woman:

Back in the 90's, when I had hair, there was a KISS tribute album called "KISS MY ASS". That track was one of my favourites on the CD. It was a really great album because the majority of the artists contributing took a KISS song and made it their own. I really can't stand Garth Brooks but that was a great version of what was always a very average song in my opinon. The album is good enough to warrant another track so strap yourselves in for funkiness...

Lenny Kravitz - Deuce:

Stevie Wonder played harmonica in that most bodacious tune. And I like Stevie Wonder. He must be great because I am yet to find a CD of his at a reasonable price!! Here's Stevie on a show that is the reason that most people my age have a smattering of Spanish....

Stevie Wonder - Superstition:

A week on from the Federal Election we're still waiting on a result and quite frankly this is only slightly less boring than the campaign. The only thing keeping me awake is wondering if Bob Katter can get hats made any bigger! I'm unsure if he thinks he should be in an episode of Bonanza or in this music video:

Glen Campbell - Rhinestone Cowboy:

I loved that song when I was a wee boy. Which is really very amusing since I only found out what a rhinestone was when I had left home! Billy Connolly does a funny version called Half Stone Cowboy, and Rodney Rude a version called Well Hung Ploughboy. Search them out yourself if you feel the need. Rodney's is certainly rude!

Another 90 degree turn...I saw a covers band playing this song in Canberra in 1991. A song I'd never heard that I instantly fell in love with.

The Church - Unguarded Moment:

But why? I think it is the cool lyrics and the swirly sound of the guitar.

Speaking of guitars, once you start listening to rock, you soon graduate through to the blues. And if you're lucky enough you get to listening to the masters. Guys like Robert Johnson and Leadbelly. Guys who lived the blues. See if you can pick another band who made this a big hit.

Leadbelly - Cotton Fields:

Sheesh, almost another episode done and it has been all males featured. That can't be right. Hmm, let me think. There's a movie out about one of the greatest rockers ever...Joan Jett who started off in The Runaways. I haven't seen it yet but from all reports it is worth checking out. It seems to obvious to play Joan's biggest hit so I'll go for this next one.

The Runaways - California Paradise:

Look, here's an admission. This weeks song was going to be "Bodies" by The Sex Pistols but I can't find the really good live version I want to play. The ones I can find are pretty average so I'll leave it until I can track one down. As part of my search I stumbled across this and I just can't resist. Great band, great song, funny video!

Motorhead - God Save The Queen:

Happy Birthday Mum, you rock.

DJ Rob

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Ironman Training Update

Training is a little different at the moment as I wait for a scan on my achilles and the sole of my foot. No running. Thankfully, swimming and cycling are not a problem at all. My coach has also added some yoga sessions in to keep me busy. I did my first yoga session on Tuesday morning. I just used the yoga stuff on the Nintendo Wii. It seemed pretty good and I enjoyed it as well. And I didn't think it was that haed - until I started swimming that evening! WOW!!

This morning I left the house on my bike at 5.30am and got home about 8.15am. The headwind for the last 30 minutes was a bit of a challenge.

I was fortunate enough to get a long ride in on Sunday with the ACT Road Cycling Champion. She was having a recovery ride and I needed some more kilometres in my legs so that worked out well. I'm fairly sure she was very kind to me in terms of speed!

It is only right that I mention my family here. They are putting up with me rather famously so far I reckon. They smile knowingly when I stumble in the door after cycling and usually ignore the different shoes that are at the front door along with my helmet, shoe covers and associated stuff! And they don't seem to mind when I fall asleep on the lounge at a moments notice. But maybe I did that before. Certainly a skill picked up from my Dad!

Back into the yoga tomorrow morning!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Song of the week #104

Anyone on my email list may have noticed that I can't count. This is episode 104. D'oh!

The return to cold weather in Canberra after four days at the Gold Coast has been a bit of a shock. Brrrr! Certainly leaving home at about 5.30am on my bike during the week was a challenge. Getting home at 8am still frozen solid wasn't a lot of fun either. I keep telling myself that winter isn't over.

Ironman training continues with a minor hiccup. My achilles tendon is giving me a bit of curry. So, no running for a week whilst I wait for an ultrasound. Boooooooooooooring!! I've said it before, nothing is going to stop me crossing that finishing line on December 5th. Even if I have to crawl.

Whilst at the Gold Coast I saw a movie called "Fanboys". For all you sci-fi fans out there this is a must watch. Very funny indeed. It is about a group of Star Wars fans (well freaks maybe) and their quest to see SW1 before it is released. Great soundtrack from Mark Mothersbaugh (Devo) and cameo appearances from a great range of actors.

Devo - Girl U Want:

After that flashback, here's something quite different. This is a band I discovered by accident. I know nothing about them except that I really like this song and the video clip is fab.

Mastodon - Colony Of Birchmen:

Oh yeah, we get to vote tomorrow. All the major players (and some of the minors) have made so many faux pas in the campaigning that it is laughable. We've got one party claiming that they can stop refugee boats. Short of having the Navy torpedo them I really can't see anyone managing that feat. Then we have another alienating all the supporters of Australia's greatest football team. Not to mention one local Senate candidate who potentially alienated a huge chunk of her voting public by declaring herself a "commited Christian". Maybe the whole thing should be decided with a game of scissors, paper, rock. Cheaper and potentially the same result.

Luckily, the major parties may as well be the same. Here's a song to cheer you all up whilst you think about how to vote...

Redgum - The Long Run:

Alison's birthday was last week. Poor old girl had to deal with the kids whilst I was in the sun. Well, actually I was in a lecture room but you know what I mean. Here's a song for her.

Green Day - She's A Rebel:

That used to be my ringtone for Alison!

There are some guitarists I love, some I can listen to all day and some I am totally in awe of. This last tune for this week comes from Chet Atkins. A guitarist pretty much beyond compare. Tasteful, skilful and just a fabulous musician.

Chet Atkins - Yakety Axe:

So, that's it folks. Get a dog.

DJ Rob

Friday, August 13, 2010

Song of the Week #103

Song of the week is coming to you from the Gold Coast in Queensland. I've been here since Wednesday evening to attend a conference.

The Gold Coast has been sunny but windy these last two days. On Thursday morning I ran south beside the beach. I laughed at the locals in their winter riding and running gear as I wore only shorts and a shirt! No doubt they quietly chortled at the sight of my white legs.

"Bike Porn" is a term used to describe what cyclists ogle. Carbon fibre bikes, cool gear etc. And I've seen a heap of it riding up and down here. Thursday morning must've been time trial training for a few people as the disc wheels were out. Bling central.

While I won't bore you with the content of the conference I am at I will make a few observations about the attendees. Firstly, tardiness is such a bad look. Most people are at the same hotel as the conference is being held in (I am not) so you'd think they could drag themselves out of bed and be here by 9am. Apparently not. And really, guys, learn how an iron works, it isn't that hard. Or wear something wrinkle proof.

With the election looming it just gets more and more boring. Neither major party seems at all interested in any kind of policy that might drive even a wafer thin biscuit between them. Vote 1 - boredom. The only winners are the minor parties here. And, dear Liberal Party, wheeling John Howard out is not going to get you any votes. He sounds like he's going to cry, the cricket world doesn't like him and he lost you the last election. Do yourselves a favour and leave him at home with a small fanta.

Why is it that everything old is better than anything new? Guitar pedals for example. Everyone (me included) goes out of their way to buy the old analog stuff. You'd think that the big companies would cotton on to this and ditch the fizzy digital versions they want us to buy. Digital isn't always best. Maybe for the same kind of reason that vinyl DOES sound better than most CDs.

This morning I watched Katy Perry live on breakfast TV. Not my cup of tea but I get it. Catchy songs, nice smile and she's obviously having a great time. Cheer up emo kids.

Katy Perry - Teenage Dream:

I'v been very much enjoying some podcasts from NPR in the States. Podcasts are just an mp3 you can download through iTUnes or something simila. I've been listening to stuff from the Newport Folk Festival. Steve Earle and Billy Bragg mainly. I laughed out loud when Billy invited the crowd to call him Judas when he swapped to acoustic guitar! But the best podcast was Weird Al Yankovic live. I'd forgotten just what a good singer he actually is.

Weird Al Yankovic - You Don't Love Me Anymore:

But this weeks top tune is something a little different. From a guy called Eli "Paperboy" Reed. I first heard him on a sampler CD and my ears pricked up immediately. But there's an issue I am yet to come to terms with. Where is he in the record shop. He's not filed under "R" or "P" or even "E" - and not in any section either. Thankfully the internet is easier to navigate! Blue eyed soul coming up.

Eli Paperboy Reed - Take My Love With You:

Well that's about it for another week. A big shout out to DJ Coj who is racing 1/2 Ironman at Yeppoon this weekend. Also to MC Bogus, as he is refereeing his first rugby match.

Back to cold Canberra soon.

Have a great weekend.

DJ Rob

Friday, August 6, 2010

Song of the Week #102

Before I get into it. This is for my nephew Finn who has been a very unwell wee boy. A trip in an ambulance with Grandma and some time in the hospital - not fun. Thankfully he is OK.

Remember You're A Womble:

That was a crazy, crazy week. I feel like I haven't stopped since Monday morning. But now it is Friday.

I can't be bothered reflecting. Maybe next week. I think I'll just play a few songs.

Get into this....they're coming to Australia and they rock!

Monster Magnet - Temple Of Your Dreams:

DJ WhatsOn told me about this one today. I've had a couple of listens and frankly I think they've missed the point but make up your own mind.

Birds of Tokyo - Heard It Through the Grapevine:

And look, this next one is a complete pisstake. If you're offended easily, or even fairly open minded you might want to pass. But it is funny, really funny. And behind the crass lyrics the musicianship is top notch. Again, you have been warned.

Steel Panther - Death To All But Metal:

And this is about a million times better than "Baker Street":

The Humblebums - Shoeshine Boy:

And since I'm in a Scots mood, here's a great tune. It's all about hometowns. Maybe I like the song so much because I really don't have a hometown of my own. There are places with meaning in my life but I wouldn't say I was from anywhere in particular. And I can't imagine writing a song like this about Canberra. Don't get me wrong, I've been here since I was 17 and I have no plan to move but....

Billy Connolly - I Wish I Was In Glasgow:

Time for a little comedy....Lenny Henry from a while ago. A friend had this on cassette when I was at Uni. Very, very, very funny from Dawn French's husband.

Lenny Henry live at Comic Relief:
Since comedy is on the menu. Here's one from the king of parody - Weird Al Yankovic. With apologies to Kelsey and AB...

Weird Al Yankovic - Canadian Idiot:

And in closing a huge raspberry to Naomi Campbell who had the front to declare that she found appearing at a war crimes tribunal "inconvenient". Loser.


DJ Rob

Sunday, August 1, 2010


Here's what training for an Ironman involves (for a mere mortal like me). In a week I'm on the bike three times, in the pool twice and out running three times. This week just gone I rode for about 6.5hrs, ran for 2.5hrs and swam for 2.5 hours. That's 11.5 hours of training and this is an easier week. Getting up early on Tuesday to run and Wednesday to ride is probably the hardest bit, and not just for me. I think I'll setup a stretcher and sleeping bag in the garage!

Apart from that time the other things to contend with are the mountains of clothing that needs a wash and the fact that I am constantly hungry!

The rest of the family are saints in my opinion. Especially when they all know that there is still 4 months to go!