Friday, July 2, 2010

Song of the Week 97

Today I've reached 97 episodes, not long until the mega exciting 100th. The ton, the century, whatever, it will be huge so don't go away or unsubscribe just yet!

This week I sat down with my coach and we mapped out the initial plan for my December assault on Ironman. I'm sure he'd be pleased to know that there weren't any surprises in the training plan. It was always going to be about getting to the end of the ride in a physical state where I am still able to function! Having said that, it was great to get it all on paper and get started. The last few months have been fun as I have worked on a strong aerobic base but it is time to get more specific. There will be a lot of cycling between now and the race.

What's pretty cool is that my coach is working on using an online training planner to help us out. It records a ton of data and allows monitoring of athletes as well as being a pretty good motivational tool. It is capable of gathering data from heart rate monitors and GPS trackers so I'm investigating a purchase. Nerds are us!

The only thing that I didn't expect in the Ironman plan was that Coach thinks I should use an aero helmet and get down low on the bike using some aero bars. I didn't think I would be fast enough for it to make a difference but I'm looking forward to trialling some bling!

Also, the cold has been a challenge this week in Canberra. Yesterday I headed out for a couple of hours on the bike. Being holidays I waited until the middle of the day hoping for some sunshine and a slight rise in the temperature. Well, I came home with feet like ice blocks!! No sun, but a pretty good ride nonetheless.

I'm going to leave the majority of the Ironman updates out from now on. They will be on the blog but not as part of Song of the Week. Don't want to bore anyone too much!

There is no political rant this week. The temptation to comment on General McChrystal's departure is tempting but I'll leave it for now. What I really want to know is if Mr Obama read anything else good in Rolling Stone? I used to have a subscription but let it lapse after 12 months. I found the publication was neither any good as a music nor a current affairs magazine. It failed on both accounts. I'll stick to MOJO for my music - it is an awesome magazine. As for current affairs, that is a lot harder. DJ AB got me hooked on iGoogle and setting up news feeds for topics that interest me. I choose feeds from a variety of sources in the hope of getting a range of biased viewpoints to investigate!

But there is a funny song about the Rolling Stone that I love. I first heard it on a cassette I found abandoned in a cupboard when I was at the Academy. Laugh along.

Time for a live show review. Last night Alison, myself and MC DeeMacD went to see a show at the Canberra Theatre called "The Man In Black". It was the story of Johnny Cash's life in words and music. And it was bloody fantastic. Tex Perkins (Beasts of Bourbon, The Cruel Sea, Tex Don and Charlie) had the lead role. More than one person has commented to me that they thought Nick Cave would've been a good choice as well. But, I tell you, when Tex hit those low notes I could have sworn that JR Cash was singing. A great range of songs, top shelf band and a great performance from Rachael Tidd as June Carter. And yes George, they played "Hurt".

Here's one of my favourites from Tex Perkins. There's a great line in this song..."and then I'm gonna get this tattoo changed to another girl's name..."'

The Cruel Sea - The Honeymoon is over:

I saw the Cruel Sea in '94 at the Livid Festival in Brisbane. It was a good lineup that day. The Mark Of Cain, You Am I, Jello Biafra, Rollins Band and a heap of others. Only Rollins could upstage Tex and The Cruel Sea. And only just.

Apart from the closing medley, this track was the best one in the whole show. Perfect. If ever a song summed up Johnny Cash this is it for me.

Johnny Cash - Man in Black:

And on to something completely different. I've been looking for tracks to load onto the iPod for training sessions. Obviously they need to be reasonably energetic. DJ Laff and I were throwing tracks back and forward and this artist appeared in the discussion. I'll admit I hadn't heard of Sammy Hagar before he was in Van Halen in the 80's. But this is one of his tracks, and, there is nothing else to say except that it ROCKS!

Van Halen - There's Only One Way To Rock:

Great hair, great guitars and the headset microphone before Garth Brooks!! That video is from the first music concert VHS I ever bought. "Live Without A Net".

I've chosen something older and Australian as this week's featured track. For no other reason than I heard it on the radio and almost had to pull the car over so I could tap my feet. What a great song. Joe Camilleri is Australian rock royalty and I'd heartily recommend any of his various guises!

Jo Jo Zep & The Falcons - Hit & Run:

Set your alarms as Le Tour de France starts this weekend. Yell for Cadel!!
DJ Rob

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