Wednesday, June 9, 2010


What a terrible couple of days. Seems like it is grumpy season all around.

I freely admit that one of my failings can be being far too optimistic about people. It is something that I reckon makes me good at my job. But sometimes it is hard to keep the glass half full when it seems that a lot of people around you are trying their hardest to empty it.

As well as that it was bloody freezing today. I didn't mind the cold when I was cycling to or from work but all our buildings are like iceboxes just now. If I was poikilothermic )like Alison's feet) then I'd be dead by now.

And there is still no sign of the scooter.


Ah, I feel better now!

Can we have a song? OK - you've twisted my arm. Are you sitting comfortably?

This one is for DJ SutO who is hospital. 19 years ago he turned me on to this band - pivotal moment. - turn this one up.


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