Friday, March 1, 2013

Song of the Week #235

We’re back again for another episode of music and other nonsense.

“Discovering” new bands for myself is something I really enjoy. I read magazines, websites, news feeds and listen to the radio in a constant search for sonic bliss. All that as well as a number of good friends who feed me quality music to try out. This next band came via a magazine and a free CD. Very much for fans of bands like Queen or The Darkness. Their music is a bit ‘out there’ and their stage show even more so but if you like a good tune and good fun this is worth a spin…(you can FFWD the intro which goes for about a minute although you’ll miss out on spotting the pilot – who is he folks?)

Foxy Shazam – Holy Touch -

Who remembers Rick Springfield? You know, the “Jessie’s Girl” guy. Or maybe for younger listeners from his guest spot on the TV show “Californication”. Well, Rick has been putting out music forever it seems and he never stopped. Try this from his latest album…I was pleasantly surprised.

Rick Springfield – I Hate Myself -

It’s been a very wet week here in Canberra and as a result a relatively quiet time on the bike. I did get very wet and muddy the other evening on the mountain bike however. Once you’re over that initial phase of getting wet the riding is a lot of fun and demands different skills. It wasn’t cold though so that was a bonus. After hosing my bike off I had to do the same to myself before I could come in for a shower!

Metallica – Broken, Beat & Scarred -

I chose that Metallica song for a couple of reasons. Firstly, it’s from their 2008 album, “Death Magnetic” which I think is right up there with the best they’ve ever done. That’s a big call apparently. And then there’s the lyric, “you rise, you fall, you’re down then you rise again, what don’t kill you’ll make you more strong”. It’s derivative but I like it.

Someone asked me this week if I get twitchy if I don’t get a regular ride. And the answer is yes. I like to try and ride (or train) for 6 days out of 7 in a normal week with maybe only 5 in an easy phase. If I plan to miss a day or two I’m fine but the rain has played havoc with my schedule and I don’t like it. Thankfully the roads were dry this morning and I got to ride to work. Tomorrow I’ll head up the highway with DJ Felix for a cruisy 100km or so.

I finally managed to get hold of the album “Re-Machined” which is a tribute to Deep Purple’s 1972 classic, “Machine Head”.  It was originally included as a freebie with a magazine it now has a general release. It’s a solid effort from almost all involved. This is apparently a bonus track on the CD…pretty cool and a great song. One of my highway cruising tunes.

Glenn Hughes / Steve Vai / Chad Smith – Highway Star -

The public school system in the ACT is such that kids go to a separate school (called a college) for their last two years. That’s where Zoë is at the moment. There’s a lot of freedom involved, no uniform, first name basis with teachers and only the need to be there for the actual classes. For a heap of kids I reckon this is a dreadful idea. I can assure you that I don’t think I would’ve succeeded at all. But Zoë loves it and, despite the jump in academic rigour that you get with top level Maths, Physics and Chemistry, she’s doing a great job. She’s such an independent kid for the most part and I think that is a very positive trait. I guess a lot of the mistakes that first year university students make as a result of having so much freedom are being made for these kids in Years 11 and 12. That may or may not be a good thing.

Bob Marley – Three Little Birds -

A blog entry and subsequent Facebook follow up commentary from DJ Macca made me stop to think this week. He’s quite a prolific blogger ( and has quite a bit to say about topics that interest and perhaps confound him. Apart from the fact that I’d like him to write about rugby a bit there is usually something that I find worth reading. If I wanted to drill down even further I would rather read people’s opinions than them just being thankful for Macca’s posts – it’s as if they can’t think of anything to write – or maybe they didn’t read the whole thing.

But Macca’s reflection on his writings made me pause to think why I bother with this at all. I started out just sharing a song with some colleagues and it ballooned into a blog about anything and everything. But you know, that’s OK with me. I’m not overly fussed if people read what I write or not. For me just having to write something down is enjoyable and at times, cathartic. I do write differently at times because I know who might be reading, but not too often. The thought processes that go into thinking about the songs often take me a whole week and I find myself singing in my head as I cycle all the time.

Fleetwood Mac – Second Hand News -

The Midnight Oil show rehearsals continue to go well – we had a great noise making session this week and most of the songs have come together rather well. The gigs are on 18th and 25th of May at Vivaldi’s which is at the ANU here in Canberra. Bookings are essential and get in early if you want good seats where H will be up so close that you can collect, bottle and then sell his sweat on eBay! for bookings.

Midnight Oil – Cold Cold Change -

One of the only good things about the rain has been that I’ve been listening to music in the car on a couple of occasions. It has Bluetooth to connect to the iDevice and I have rediscovered some podcasts I had downloaded ages ago. Neat concerts by Jimmy Cliff, Billy Bragg, Steve Earle and The Hold Steady – thanks NPR – you rock. Then there was three acoustic songs from Weird Al. I’ve professed before how much I like some of his stuff and no doubt I may have played some tunes but I think I’ll finish off with a couple from him.

This is the song that got me back into Al’s stuff (via the podcast of this session)…

Weird Al Yankovic – CNR (live) -

And then there’s this which I think has one of the best vocals I’ve ever heard. I didn’t realise Al had such a good voice…

Weird Al Yankovic – You Don’t Love Me Anymore (live) -

Have a good weekend folks. Rub your dog’s tummy. Borrow a dog if you don’t have one. It’ll make you smile.

DJ Rob

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