Friday, March 15, 2013

Song of the Week #237

Oh dear, I sat down to write about a few songs and ended up writing way to much about food, diet and weight. I’ll paste all that down the bottom and you can avoid it and just read about the music if you want to.

Weird Al Yankovic – Eat It -

Here’s the Billy Bragg / Olivia Newton John duet I spoke about last week:

Over the weekend I travelled with DJ H to the salubrious surrounds of Marrickville in Sydney to see Bob Mould play a gig. While the support bands were average at best and one even made us angry with their boring, same chord progression, moody, bland music, I am pleased to say that Bob didn’t disappoint. From the moment he hit the stage with just a bass player and drummer to help him out, until he finished 90 minutes later it was almost nonstop power pop/punk/indie-grunge from the energetic bloke with the white goatee. For a man in his 50s his voice and energy levels were impressive. H was pretty excited too.

Bob Mould (solo live) – Hoover Dam -

After the cultural experience that was the bus trip back from Liverpool to Canberra I was ready to never go on a bus again. Even a book and some music couldn’t make it more than just bearable.

ZZ Top – Waitin’ For The Bus -

Monday was Canberra’s 100th birthday and we headed to the lake with a gazillion other people to see the Falling Joys, the Church and then of course the fireworks. Both bands were great but the Church had a much better sound mix. The kids seemed to enjoy them as well. The fireworks were VERY slow to start but hugely spectacular in the end. A great night under the stars with a few thousand happy folks.

The Church – Almost With You -

DJ EXP gave me a couple of CDs to listen to of one of his favourite bands, Thunder. Very cool indeed. This is the first track from their album, “Magnificent Seventh”. After all I’ve put my family through with food lately I’ll dedicate it to them.

Thunder – I Love You More Than Rock ‘n’ Roll –

Huge and very sincere congratulations to DJ FatRollins and DJ Duck who have become parents. And welcome into the world to Kate Elizabeth. It’s fabulous to see all the photos and stories from proud and excited parents. I hope to meet Kate before too long. I also hope that you all get enough sleep.

INXS – Never Tear Us Apart -

KISS – Forever -

Angus has been hiking and I’m glad that he got around to giving it a go. He went with Scouts which is a new thing for him. Scouts was such a huge part of my life as a kid that I am excited that he’s trying it out. I don’t like camping that much anymore but the Army is to blame more than anything else!

The Lemonheads – The Outdoor Type -

Neil Young played in Sydney on Sunday night, so did KISS and Motley Crue but at a different venue. Also on that weekend were the Stone Roses and Nick Cave – not a bad set of artists to choose from. Also coming down here before too long are Jimmy Cliff, Taj Mahal, Robert Cray, Midge Ure and Lita Ford – very much something for everyone. I really like Neil’s latest album, “Psychedelic Pill”. If your kids ever ask you if they can use the stereo then just reply that it is OK but after one more song. Track 1 goes for 27 minutes and is awesome!

I didn’t go and see Mr Young and he didn’t play this but it would’ve been my choice to hear it live.

Neil Young – Piece Of Crap -

I was slightly disappointed that Motley Crue’s Vince Neil had to be taken to hospital during their Sunday night show because he had kidney stones. I can relate to the pain but I would’ve thought it would improve his voice or at least add some intensity to his performance. I guess you can’t keep on keeping on when you’re sober and clean!

And I was mildly interested this week at the process taken to appoint a new Pope. Given that Francis I is from Argentina I’m still waiting for a response from him via Twitter to explain his views on the “hand of God” Maradona football incident as well as who owns the Falkland Islands. I might be waiting a while I reckon.

Zoë made us watch the movie “Pitch Perfect”. And to be fair it wasn’t that bad but I’m not sure how much a capella music is healthy. This last track isn’t technically in that genre but give it a chance and you’ll hear some wonderful vocal work.

The Beach Boys – Wouldn’t It Be Nice (vocals only) -

I’d forgotten how much I love the Beach Boys!

Here’s all the other nonsense that I said I’d paste on the end. Feel free to ignore it!

Have a great weekend,

DJ Rob

I read a blog entry this week that spoke of eating healthy and being a bore about it. I can assure you that I don’t feel the need to talk to everyone about my dietary restrictions. I fact, I don’t want to talk about it especially at lunch time. But, there is a lot of interest when it comes to weight loss. I’m happy to tell anyone my story but the article I read said that many people are constantly banging on about it – I hope I don’t and I’m happy to be told to change the topic.

Weight loss is a funny thing. If you lose a few kilos then you’re a legend. If you lose a lot then apparently you must have an eating disorder or a deadly wasting disease. I assure you all that I have neither and I have the blood test and CT scan results to prove it.

In fantastic and very much unexpected news I have pretty much halved my level of cholesterol since my last check in October. It’s back in the normal range. What’s the secret? Well there isn’t one and I’d be unwilling to recommend my approach to anyone else because everyone is different. What I did was exactly what the dietician told me to. I ate as per her instructions. But I was (and still am) ruthless about it. I still won’t “just have a slice of cake” or a small piece of cheese. And that probably makes me a bit different. It took a while to find the right foods to fuel me as well as filling me up and that’s a journey I’m still on. DJ BG’s Lemon Polenta Porridge and Chia seeds is pretty good as is tofu if you get someone to cook it well.  Alison and I also found a couple of restaurants that cook completely cholesterol free and that were insanely tasty.

The other thing I did was train on the bike like a maniac. I did this for a couple of reasons. One is that I love to ride and that I had a goal of riding well in the upcoming 24hr race. I gave myself a weekly goal in terms of kilometres and apart from this week, where I may have bitten off more than I can chew, I achieved those targets. To be fair, I’ve always trained a fair bit but for the last few months I’ve been very focused on doing a good job at the upcoming race.

Where to now then? Well - back to the doctor and the dietician as they need to stabilize my weight and keep the cholesterol in check. 16kg is a lot to lose and I’d really like to be able to buy clothes and know that they will still fit in a month’s time. I must admit that if they want me to put on some weight (and I imagine they will) that this is a significant mental hurdle. But as a start I’d be more than happy to stop losing it. IT was mildly amusing to lose maybe 4 or 5 kg but I had a moment a few weeks ago where I realised I’d had enough.

Glenn Campbell – He Ain’t Heavy… -

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