Friday, March 22, 2013

Song of the Week #238

More music, less blethering this week – that’s a promise.


Also, there will be no mention of the disaster which makes up the current Australian political landscape in this issue. It beggars belief.


For those of you who don’t check my blog or follow me via Facebook or Twitter, here is a link to something I wrote last week in response to an article in a Sunday newspaper magazine: It’s to do with diets and I was pretty worked up when I wrote it.


I took the bus to work today. I found it rather ironic on national “ride to school day” that I didn’t! I’ve made up for it on plenty of other days though. So much so that I’m considering getting a commuting bike – using my flash racing bike seems overkill and of course one can never have too many two wheeled modes of transport. Check out Mojo Bikes online for great deals on bikes you design yourself. The kids are currently riding one of these and loving every minute.


David Bowie’s new album is available. I’ve listened to it a number of times and I am really enjoying it. It’s not really ground breaking but then you wouldn’t expect it to be. What it does have is well crafted songs, excellent musicians and enough of the signature Bowie sound to satisfy the fans. I’ve got a downloaded version at the moment but will be getting my hands on a hard copy very shortly.


David Bowie –Where Are We Now? -


A big news item that might not have appeared on your radar is that Scotland will hold a referendum in September, 2014 to determine whether or not they will become independent. I’m really not sure how I feel about that. And why do they have to wait so long to vote? And who gets to vote? I hope that it is only people who actually live there. Scots are scattered to all corners of the globe…


Battlefield Band - The Roving Dies Hard -


What will the Duke of Edinburgh be called if Scotland goes its own way?


Last night while finishing off some marking this song came on in the background. We’ve undoubtedly had it here before but it always makes me laugh…


Bowling for Soup – 1985 -


For all you fans of good guitar, big hair, The Living End, rock and roll and tattoos just check this out…this is the original, not a copy…


Stray Cats – Rock This Town -


Earlier in the week I watched Neil Finn and Paul Kelly in concert (via YouTube). It was not a concert that I thought I’d enjoy, the potential for it to be slow and tedious was quite large. However, I was pleasantly surprised and let the whole show play while I worked. I had a good chuckle when Paul related that he’d needed to learn about 50 new chords to play all of Neil’s tunes! This clip isn’t from the show but is a tune of Paul’s that I really like.


Paul Kelly and Neil Finn – Leaps and Bounds -


Alright, that’s enough for one week. I’ve got a big weekend of mountain-biking ahead in the MONT 24hr race here in Canberra. It’s my 8th 24hr race but my first go in a team of only 4 riders. Hopefully all my training will pay dividends. If you’re around Canberra then head out to Kowen Forest for a look – it’s a huge event.


I’m going to finish with Ozzy this week… I hadn’t heard this song in ages or seen the clip and to be frank it’s pretty cool.


Ozzy Osbourne – Miracle Man -


That’s it. Play the music and let me know if you like anything you hear.


DJ Rob

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