Friday, March 8, 2013

Song of the Week #236

Well done to the couple of listeners who spotted Jake Busey as the pilot in last week’s video from Foxy Shazam. Jake is best known, to me at least, ace Ace Levy from the fantastic movie, “Starship Troopers”. Great film that everyone would do well to watch…right now!

Starship Troopers snippet -

It’s a movie on more than one level and the depiction of what might be the future for planet Earth is worth a look. And there’s some good action as well.

Tomorrow I’m off to Sydney with H to check out Bob Mould playing. It promises to be a VERY loud show and I’ll be packing my hearing protection. Bob is famous for his solo stuff as well as playing in Sugar and Hüsker Dü. H is hanging around to see Neil Young on the Sunday evening but I’ll be on the bus back home – that’s three hours of solid iPod time, nice!

Hüsker Dü  - Could You Be The One -

Long time listeners will know that Canberra’s “Armoured Angel” are one of my favourite bands ever. I saw them live a number of times both here and interstate and they never failed to please. Yes, their music is very much an acquired taste. Not long ago they released their 1985 demo cassette on CD. I listened to a track online and was underwhelmed so I ignored the release. After all, it was an incarnation of the band that I had never seen – a very early one. Well, somehow I got around to getting a bargain copy from eBay and I’ve been listening to it all week. After a couple of listens and a clear understanding that it is a raw demo, not re-mastered, not remixed and not anything else I am impressed. I think back to 1985/6 and if someone had given me this demo cassette then I would’ve been keen to hear more. Armoured Angel became a different band after this but as a snapshot in time of one on Australia’s best ever underground acts it rates more than a casual listen. You can clearly hear the Black Sabbath and Iron Maiden influence on this track – Armoured Angel were just heavier.

Armoured Angel – R.I.P. -

This next tune will I know get the DJ I’ronic seal of approval. It’s the song that was most definitely my theme on Wednesday morning. It was one of those bike rides where my legs didn’t want to cooperate. In the spirit of Jens Voigt I told them to “shut up” and kept riding.

Jackson Browne – Running On Empty -

Did you see the lap steel guitar in that clip….I reckon I need one of those!

Did I mention that our stereo at home gave up the ghost? Seriously, it’s been a trooper since Dad took me to buy it in 1989 when I was in first year at Uni. Anyway, I’m not replacing it just yet as I work out the balance between what I want and what I need. Back in pride of place in the lounge room is the 1972 vintage Sansui Amplifier. And it sounds just wonderful. I guess they built things to last back in the day. The one that has stopped working properly owes me nothing but I’m a bit sad at its demise!

As well as the Midnight Oil show (book soon folks, tickets are selling well) the band has started working up some songs for a trio gig. It’s a lot of fun turning up to a jam to learn the songs and play them in our own way – especially when there are ones I’ve never heard. How cool is this next tune – very unexpected – a great shuffle. Fleetwood Mac when they were awesome.

Fleetwood Mac – Monday Morning -

DJ EXP loaned me a couple of guitar pedals today for the Oils gig. One is a Boss Overdrive 3 which I can’t wait to test against the old one I already have – really I just want to use it for a volume boost for parts of a few songs. But the second was a surprise and should be a real treat….it is a Big Muff Pi! A classic full bodied distortion/overdrive that has a massive sound. I can’t wait to plug it in and turn it up. Famous players who have used them include David Gilmour (Pink Floyd), Carlos Santana and a little known guy called Jimi Hendrix. They were also very popular with bands like Smashing Pumpkins, Mudhoney and Dinosaur Jr. Sonic ecstasy is a-coming!!

Bush – Everything Zen -

More Billy Bragg news…I’ve ordered the new album and it should be here soon. A couple of reviews have mentioned that it is “mellow” – I hope only in the sound and not the lyrical content. Of course I had to get the signed version – it’s a sickness folks! Billy sang live on TV the other night with Olivia Newton-John. I’ve seen a photo but no footage yet. Here’s the track they did…

Olivia Newton-John – If Not For You -

Billy has released some recent rehearsal footage and it’s great. This is my absolute favourite Billy song – if he comes here and plays this track I’ll be a happy man.

Billy Bragg – Ideology (rehearsal footage – great quality) -

And after reading about this song I’ve found out that it is influenced very much by a Dylan tune. Although I’ve tried and failed to be anything but a casual Dylan fan the link between the songs is obvious. But I like this version better….jangly guitars are awesome!

The Byrds – The Chimes Of Freedom -

Two Bob Dylan songs in a week – who would’ve thunk it??

Since I’m talking about Billy Bragg I reckon I’ll finish with some advice he gave punters in the UK this week via Twitter and Facebook. He advised people who were interested in Canadian music to go and see the next artist instead of Justin Bieber. Good advice.

Ron Sexsmith – Love Shines -

Happy 100th birthday Canberra – I love living here. Politicians fly in and out but this is our town and it’s great.

DJ Rob

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