Friday, February 22, 2013

Song of the Week #235

Welcome back readers and listeners.

Lately I've been getting up at 5am, on the bike by 5.30am and riding quite a few kilometres before work. It's been working pretty well and I really enjoy the early morning climb out of Canberra up the highway. If I manage 40 or 50km before I ride into work then I can get up to 70km in a day without too many issues. And I'm really hoping that all those kilometres in the bank will help me out on 23/24 March in the 24 hr mountain bike race here in Canberra. I'm in a team of 4 for the first time so there is an expectation that I'll ride quite a bit. Can't wait!!

Not long ago a friend asked me if I'd like to do a long ride and foolishly I agreed. So assuming it isn't raining cats and dogs on Saturday morning we're off for 180km in the saddle. Road cycling is often said to be about managing how much you can suffer and this will prove it. I haven't done this ride in full since I was working up to Ironman in 2010.

In preparation I've had Thursday and Friday this week off the bike and that's meant I've slept in until around 6.30am. It's amazing how refreshing it is to get 90 minutes extra shut-eye. The dog is a bit confused though. Maybe he misses his 5am tummy rub before he bolts upstairs and hops into my side of the bed.

If I make it on Saturday - and I don't have much choice really - that'll mean just over 350km for the week - my biggest ever. After that I'll be reducing the distance but not the time - you can't go as far on dirt tracks on a mountain bike!

My copy of the Alabama Shakes album on vinyl arrived - with a bonus 7" disc of b-sides and a voucher to download MP3s for the iPod. Now THAT is the way to sell an album. The vinyl sounds wonderful - a big organic sound that jumps off the platter - and I don't have to fiddle around copying it to digital to play in the car.

Alabama Shakes – I Ain’t The Same -

Speaking of vinyl, I was in Landspeed Records with Zoe last weekend and spotted some of the new release Iron Maiden picture discs. The sound is remastered as well and so I was seriously tempted. But I'm struggling to find a review on the re-mastering. Most people seem to be buying them to collect or to stick on the wall. Iron Maiden also have the third instalment in their DVD series of the band's history coming out soon called "Maiden England". I better save more pennies.

Iron Maiden – Seventh Son of a Seventh Son -

The host of one of my favourite TV shows always asks her guests what the first music they bought with their own money was. I did a quick bit of investigation today to find out what some colleagues and friends had spent their dollars (or pounds) on back in the day. Of course there are a few that cringe at the thought but most had good taste. Here’s a bit of a selection.

DJ DJ bought Suzi Quatro’s “Your Mama Won’t Like Me” on cassette. Not a bad choice really for a first go. I wonder if his mama indeed did like it?

The Chief relates that he bought the Rolling Stones LP, “Get Yer Ya-Yas Out” and then played it every evening of his last year at school. No wonder he knows all the good Stones songs backwards! Here’s Midnight Rambler from that set:

DJ OrphanA has heaps of street cred as her first purchase was “Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds” by The Beatles. Personally every time I hear “picture yourself on a boat on a river…” I think of Wind in the Willows!

DJ AK owned up to buying this classic piece of music but then discovered a 45rpm of Hendrix that belonged to his Dad. He’s never been the same – another worshipper at the altar of Jimi.

Perhaps the most obscure response was DJ McG who spent his pennies on The Jags doing “Back Of My Hand” on a 45. Bit of an Elvis Costello vibe going here.

DJ FatHenry coughed up his cash for Supertramp’s “Breakfast in America”. I’ve come full circle recently and have been listening to a bit of their stuff.

DJ Heeler certainly wins the prize for the biggest giggle after revealing this as his first purchase - - and the sad thing is that I know all the lyrics thanks to the sing-along song book at primary school.

Two trendoids (H and DJ KOT) admitted to shelling out for Skyhooks singles. Probably unknown to my overseas listeners, the Skyhooks were an essential part of Australian rock music. Check out Horror Movie: , Living In The 70s: or my personal favourite for an hilarious song title: You Just Like Me Cos I’m Good In Bed:

DJ Al-Ee like a few others purchased a compilation album. After that she chose well though with Midnight Oil. That’s a bonus as she’ll be able to sing-along with H and the band at the tribute show.

Uncle Sam also made me smile when he revealed his love for this next artist - I agree though as it’s a top song and Kenny has a great voice and team of songwriters.

Of course, I wasn’t all that specific when I asked these folks and DJ McRoundTable related that the first music she bought was sheet music for this classic:

Boy, if you don’t find something worth listening to in that lot I’m not sure I can go on!

It took me a while to remember the first album I bought with my own money. And I’ve narrowed it down to a couple. It was either the soundtrack to the movie “The Jewel of the Nile” or AC/DC’s live album “If You Want Blood You’ve Got It”.

I probably bought the soundtrack because I liked the movie and it had this song on it by Billy Ocean -

But I distinctly remember getting the AC/DC live disc because the woman working in the Sports and Record Shop remarked to my Mum that she would be sure to enjoy my purchase! It’s a great album that stands the test of time and is better than any subsequent live recordings they’ve put out. Pure energy recorded onto vinyl.

AC/DC – Riff Raff (live 1978) -

Lastly, it’s DJ MySis’ birthday today. Here’s one for her; The Runaways – Mama Weer All Crazee Now -

That’ll do for a week. With a new Billy Bragg AND a new Steve Earle album not far off life is good.

DJ Rob

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