Friday, May 25, 2012

Song of the Week #196

Just when I thought life couldn't get any busier – this week it did! Assuming that I haven't forgotten something, tonight (Friday) will be my first evening at home.
Zoe played in Eisteddfod last night. Even though she had new music given to her hours earlier the band got a gold award! And Angus played in a rainy interschool rugby carnival yesterday. I witnessed them winning 79-nil! I think the next round of the comp might be a little bit tougher somehow.
It's going to be a shorter episode this week – brief but to the point. Fasten your seatbelt and hold on to your loved ones...
The White Stripes are a band I always think I should like but then I listen to them and they are just noisy. Not a good noise either. It's sound that grates and makes me annoyed. If you don't believe me then head to any internet video site and listen to them murdering the song "Jolene". However, this one was on the radio yesterday and I quite like it. I can't quite put my finger on who they're ripping off but it works.
This next tune is straight off the radio as well. I've played the relatively new Australian band called Stonefield before. Their singer is blessed with a big, big voice. She does sound a bit like the singer called Peaches but that's not a bad thing. The band reminds me of a cross between Tumbleweed, Steppenwolf and Janis Joplin.
This weekend I have to write a 1500 word reflection on this semester's university course. I'm not sure how many ways I can write, "it was a lot more boring that it needed to be", and still get a pass mark. While the content of the course is good the delivery in the form of online lectures has taken a nosedive in terms of quality. In a user pays system this isn't good enough. I reckon if I finished my classes with the sentence, "well, yeah, ok", there would be complaints about my teaching fairly quickly. Maybe I'm not cut out for high-brow academia (insert sarcasm here).
I missed seeing the Ramones in early '91 and I'm still kicking myself. I saw some dodgy pub band instead as a Ramones ticket would've left me broke at the time. What a doofus I was.
25 May is apparently "Geek Pride Day". But I'm not a geek...or am I? Let's face it, I've got a whole heap of Star Wars LEGO in my office so who am I kidding. Why 25 May? Star Wars was released on this day in 1977. If this song doesn't make you smile even a little then it's official – you're missing your soul.
If you follow the news here in Australia you can't have missed the debacle involving a politician (who is a former union official), a credit card, hotels, hookers and hot air. His guilt or innocence is still up in the air but the whole smoke and fire linkage seems to apply. The damage to the union involved and of course his political party is going to be significant regardless of the outcome. People in power or with responsibility aren't perfect but you really have to wonder sometimes if they ever consider the people they are representing or not? This song probably wasn't aimed at people inside unions but it fits. It's also a beautiful rendition of a very famous song.
Time to sign off now. We haven't had a tune from Billy for a few weeks now and I'm experiencing some withdrawal symptoms. I love his efforts to get the audience singing along, "less Pete Seeger and more Bob Seger"! Well it made me laugh. I chose this tune for the title if nothing else. Oh, that's such a HUGE lie. I chose it because it achieves what Sascha Baron Cohen tried to do in his movie "The Dictator". He almost got it right.
That's it. I have to be out of bed and into all my thermal gear to watch junior rugby tomorrow so I need some sleep to psych myself up. Good night.
DJ Rob
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