Friday, May 4, 2012

Song of the Week #193

I'm writing this early (Thursday evening). One TV in our place is playing Glee - no thanks. And on the other the young man with no voice is watching some dreadful American comedy on DVD. He thinks it's funny. I probably would've at 14 as well. Nothing beats a good dose of toilet humour.

Late last year I went with DJ McG to see an Iron Maiden tribute show here in Canberra. If you were paying attention you'll remember me writing that it was as close to the real thing as I thought one could get. Well, the same guys are putting together a Deep Purple night. I'm certainly not a fan of them the same way I am of the Irons but it should be an excellent night. Get along to the Hellenic Club on July 27th to check it out. I had this next song on cassette for ages and I thought there was some kind of weird sound effect through the whole album. Turns out that the tape mechanism squeaked.

It seems that you can't turn on the goggle box these days without there being some reality/talent show. So many times I hear people choosing songs that really don't suit their voices - it's not that hard! But what really gets me is female singers who think they are channelling Aretha Franklin if they shout and wail. Wrong, wrong, wrong. Stop shouting and start singing. Soul; you've either got it or you ain't!

Extra points to anyone who can pick why I chose that particular song. That's apart from the fact that it is a classic.

I know that a lot of people claim not to “get” what social networking is all about. It's no secret that I'm a big Facebook and Twitter fan. But how you use them is really up to you. I use Twitter to keep up to date with cycling, football, traffic and triathlon news. And Facebook is a great place for sharing photos and music. Neither will take over your life unless you allow them. Get jiggy with the technology and make it work for you.

Here's a track coming to you via DJ KelC in faraway Canada and via Facebook. At the time of writing only 243 people had looked at this brand new song. I think it's not bad at all - could do with a better guitar sound but that's a small complaint. Thanks Kels - you always choose well!

Here's another band that I just had to listen to as a result of their name. They are described in various places as punk-blues-rock. Maybe add country and roots in there and you might get the idea. I can imagine Springsteen or Steve Earle using lyrics like these...

If you didn't listen to the Nightwish track last week or watch the video then slap yourself around the head and get to it. I've had the album on heavy rotation all week and it is truly magnificent.

The Beach Boys have a new song to celebrate 50 years. I wish they hadn't. Maybe they were short on cash. Only slightly better is Marilyn Manson's new cover of "You're So Vain".

Dance music isn't something I spend a lot of time listening to. I'm not much of a dancer unless you count the "Heel and Toe Polka" or maybe the odd bit of stage diving! But this is a seriously good track. The middle-eastern themed main bit is really catchy. Why not?

In 1975 the Whitlam Government here in Australia was famously dismissed by the Governor General. Now, while the circumstances in 2012 are quite a bit different I really wish that our politicians would actually get on with the business of governing or that someone would sack the majority of them. Of course, a minority government isn't helping and you just need to look at a number of other countries to see that it has every chance of being an unmitigated disaster.  None of the major political parties seem to understand that we couldn't care less for their oneupmanship and they are both as bad as each other, let's not kid ourselves. Get back to work you twits.

I've got a huge weekend coming up. There's some marking to do, an essay to write, a Woody Guthrie autobiography to read and the Billy Bragg Mermaid Avenue complete sessions set has arrived! Good times.

Hoping to see some of you making up the 20,000 strong crowd to see the Brumbies flog NSW in the rugby.

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