Friday, May 18, 2012

Song of the Week #195

Music fans, blog stalkers, unwitting email recipients; welcome to you all!

Let’s get the sad news out of the way first. Unless you’ve been living under a rock that doesn’t roll you would have heard that Duck Dunn and Donna Summer died this week. Those are two big losses.

Donald “Duck” Dunn is famous as a session bass player for artists like Otis Redding and Wilson Pickett. He was also in Booker T and The MGs and of course the original Blues Brothers band. I first became aware of Duck when I was given a live Blues Brothers LP (thanks Mum!) At the end of one song either Jon Belushi cries out “Steve Cropper and Duck Dunn” just as the crowd applause fades out. I thought it was cool to be called Duck! Here’s a classic tune…anyone else think that Matt “Guitar” Murphy looks like Carl Weathers??

As for Donna Summer, she’s a legend. This is one of her best songs, and the clip never fails to make me laugh!

Donna Summer – Hot Stuff (here’s the full version of the song: click here)

I had an awesome time on Tuesday playing some tunes with H and Chief. They had a list of songs for me to sink my teeth into. The good thing was that I had only heard one of them so it was all new! Here’s a couple that I thought were particularly awesome – look out for us playing these live at some time in the future I hope!

Dream Theater – Hollow Eyes – this one is great but it’s going to be a real challenge!

A few years ago I got hold of a 10 CD set of Motown #1s. It’s a great collection full of classic tracks. During the week I had it playing on the iPod just running straight through. There’s just so many good songs that made me smile that I thought I’d share a couple. Motown isn’t my usual listening fare but if you’re in the right mood it is great to immerse yourself in.

I always think that “Papa Was A Rolling Stone” could be used for a cop show theme song.

Rolling Stones, the band was first, the magazine followed 5 years later. The Bob Dylan song is in the middle somewhere.

In response to last week’s Proclaimers tune my brother, DJ Spud, sent this…it’s a hoot for Dr. Who fans…

And that got me thinking about being Scots. It’s interesting, I haven’t been there since I was a wee boy and I’m unlikely to go anytime soon unless a lotto win eventuates. And while I feel very much Australian there is a connection to Scotland that is very important to me. It’s useful for explaining to people why I am so pale despite plenty of time outdoors and also why I can’t say “poor” without getting strange looks! The big question is who to support when Scotland play Australia in the rugby shortly. I feel that I can have a bet both ways. Maybe I need a Scotland jersey under the Aussie one just in case!!

Both my Grandfathers loved football (soccer). I’ve probably been spoiled by being exposed to Australian Football which is faster and usually a lot more exciting. But I still keep a casual eye on Scottish Football. That brings me to the next song. Not because it is particularly about football because it isn’t, but just because getting some news via Twitter about Stenhousemuir FC made me think of this song and Scotland in general. I have a Stenhousemuir FC shirt – so far no-one has recognized it which is probably not surprising. But it has started some interesting conversations. The religious nature of football followers even in the lower divisions is fairly amazing. I also made the mental connection that someone I know lives in Saskatchewan…Anyway, that’s a roundabout way of introducing a great song.

Can I just point out that I’m not going to get into the whole independence for Scotland debate. That’s for the people who live there to decide.

Here’s a quick tune who don’t like to take life too seriously. From one of my favourite cassettes.

I was writing to DJ DJ about wanting to visit the USA. He’s there at the moment and his Facebook photos have made me very envious! Apart from the Route 66 trip I thought it’d be cool to visit the hometowns of all the characters from M*A*S*H. How many can you name without looking them up? In Primary School we used to sing this song in class. Our teachers were cooler than we ever realised. Great lyrics. Painless was the dentist.

To finish off here’s a tune I’ll dedicate to the last couple of weeks. They’ve been busy.

DJ Rob

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