Friday, May 11, 2012

Song of the Week #194

On Sunday night Alison and I went to see Henry Rollins at the Street Theatre. Henry doesn't sing anymore which is a shame, but his spoken word shows are awesome. He covers the widest range of topics and can be funny, serious, outraged and downright scary in the same sentence. I said earlier in the week that he is one of the few people who I read, listen to, or follow who regularly has something to say that is worth listening to. Anyway, Henry talked for almost 3hrs straight and I'm pretty sure no-one was ready to leave at the end. One thing he said that really struck a chord was that he thought Americans had all the freedom they could ever need but that without equality it was almost worthless.

Rollins Band (with Chuck D) - Rise Above -

Now, Chuck D who appeared at the start of the previous video is in the country with his band Public Enemy. At the end of 1990 they were in the country as well. I was in Brisbane and had the day off. We saw members of the band in a shopping mall but couldn't get close enough for a chat. I remember someone in the crowd pushing me out of the way and telling me to get lost because I wasn't black. That was interesting. Great band, one of the few rap/hip hop acts that I have any time for.

Public Enemy and Anthrax - Bring The Noise -

Changing it up for a minute, one of Scotland's best exports other than Irn Bru are The Proclaimers. If you're stuck listening to 500 Miles then look further. Here's their new single that was released this week.

The Proclaimers - Spinning Around In The Air -

This next one is going out to DJ H. He's still trying to guess any of the songs that I might play each week - quite often he's close. Sorry, no Iron Maiden this week but you'll get the link with this tune fairly easily. I played this once with The Chief and it was a helluva lot of fun. Don't expect me to grow up anytime soon.

Wheatus - Teenage Dirtbag -

On any mixtape that I would make that song would always be followed by this one...

Bowling for Soup - 1985 -

Ha ha ha ha! That clip reminded me of my cowboy boots. Hopefully there aren't any photos of me wearing them.

Fans of comedy or people just needing to smile a bit should strap themselves in for a few minutes as I've got a couple of gems for you. The first is one I was reminded of by my Dad this week - we all used to laugh at it on an old cassette. And the second leaves me lost for!!!

Victor Borge - Phonetic Punctuation -

Nick McKaig - Theme from The Simpsons(a capella version) -

It seems to be quite a trend for bands to put out CDs of rarities, demos and B-sides. Some are absolute rubbish but every now and then there are some real gems to be heard. Bon Jovi's 4-CD set of unreleased stuff proved a couple of things. One is that they are prolific writers of great tunes and the other is that their record company must have a hell of a time choosing the album tracks. AC/DC released the rough versions of songs that eventually made it onto the Highway to Hell album. It was an interesting insight into their writing process - some changed a LOT and some were dead on.

AC/DC - Get It Hot (different lyrics and music!) -

Here's a very, very good cover of a Judas Priest classic done by Disturbed. I think that "The Lost Children" is a great name for an album of unreleased stuff! One of the few bands to do a righteous cover of this tune...

Disturbed - Living After Midnight -

Henry Rollins said that it was almost impossible to tell how old this next artist is - he's looked the same for years and years! DJ FatBoy alerted me to the fact that he has a new album coming son with the band Crazy Horse....can't wait!! Neil put out a film called Heart of Gold in 2006. Along with the fact that Emmylou Harris looks absolutely stunning in the concert footage it's a great way to spend 103 minutes. It's almost impossible to pick just a couple of Neil Young songs for you all to listen to but I'll do my best!

Neil Young - Cinnamon Girl -

Neil Young - Four Strong Winds -

But just when you think a song can't get better this popped up. Somehow I missed it to my great shame. But here it is...

Johnny Cash - Pocahontas -

Have a great weekend,
DJ Rob

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