Saturday, June 2, 2012

Song of the Week #197

I was meant to be out riding my bike this morning (Saturday) but it's raining and I'm soft. I didn't finish this week's episode yesterday for a number of reasons but at least I have no excuse now. That and I've finished the book that I was reading.
Neil Young has a new album coming out on June the 5th. It's called "Americana" and features a whole lot of songs that you probably sang at primary school. Songs like "She'll Be Coming 'Round The Mountain", "Clementine", "This Land Is Your Land" and "Oh Susannah". Well, they're songs I sang at school and at home. Along with his sometimes musical partners Crazy Horse it sounds like a great reinvention of these songs. But then there's the last track..."God Save The Queen". No, not the Sex Pistols classic, the National Anthem of the United Kingdom. You can make up your own mind. Young is Canadian remember and they still have the Queen on their money...
Don Walker is an Australian icon even if lots of people don't realise it. As a member of Cold Chisel he wrote songs like "Khe Sanh", "Choirgirl" and "Flame Trees". It's criminal that there's hardly any of his solo work on YouTube for us to listen to. DJ Will first turned me on to Don's music and just recently PianoMan H did the same. Here's the best track I could find to share with's cool.
I'll play this next one too – especially for my overseas listeners. Essential is how I'd describe it.
A few years ago, maybe in about 2005, I spent some time listening to Elvis Costello. Apart from the odd hit like "Oliver's Army" I hadn't paid much attention to him. Since then he's appeared regularly in my listening fare. There's something about his voice and the rhythm of his vocal delivery that draws me in and makes me tap my foot in unadulterated joy. I've been playing a few songs with H and Chief lately and there's a couple of newish tunes that sound like they were tailor made for Elvis!  This isn't one of his songs but it's magic all the same. Keep an eye out on the right of screen for the US Marine playing the piccolo trumpet – just great!
I recently heard US metal band Godsmack cover this next tune and they did a pretty good job. I've chosen the original this week because it has some great slide guitar in it courtesy of Joe Walsh. You might remember Joe from The Eagles!
And that song leads me to this one...but this is the cover Poison...get over it, they do a great job of this classic by Grand Funk Railroad. This must be a great fun song to play live even if you're not American.
Let's just stay with the theme of that one for another song then I'll change it up I promise. "We're An American Band" and "Rocky Mountain Way" are great songs for in the car. This next one is all that and more. Rob Zombie is definitely channelling Deep Purple's "Space Truckin'" in my opinion but it chugs along nicely. And Amarillo is such a great word to use in a lyric.
Facebook and some news feeds are keeping me up to date with authorities in the USA seeking to tax soft drinks. While the point has been made that there are other things worse than a soda isn't it a shame that in today's society we need the government to remind us about healthy living. Education is the key here folks as well as community outreach. Fast food and cigarettes are killing people and it's totally avoidable. Don't stop drinking soft drink – just don't drink it all the time. Taxing the hell out of these kind of things is a tax on those who can't afford it. Educate, inform, empower.
I had a bit of a diabolical experience at the Rugby League recently that involved Angus, DJ Hammertime and myself coming home covered in beer and the police being involved. It really did cement my opinion about the calibre of a great many League fans and that was disappointing as I quite like the game itself. After a few discussions with a number of football fans from a variety of codes I reflected on my favourite kind of football...Australian Football. It's fast, it's tough and it's great to watch. There's very little downtime during the game and it's very skilful. And apart from a small area at ehe end of each ground, it seems as if the supporters are mixed in together and enjoy it. DJ Bloo was telling me about watching his team play. He was in the crowd surrounded by the opposition supporters. Throughout the game there was good natured banter but at the end they were all in one piece and talking to each other at the game. Maybe the Canberra Raiders and Cronulla supporters should go along sometime. I love football but, even at the professional level, you should support your team and leave it at that. Fighting between supporters is almost as moronic as the schoolkid brawls behind the stands at the rugby last week (and most weeks). Get a life.
I'll finish with a true philosopher reflecting on football violence. It's well worth a listen.
On second thoughts I should finish with a song. We've had this before but it doesn't matter. Play it over and over and over.
Good bye – I've got 1500 words to write for my Uni assignment, guitars to play, essays to mark, bikes to ride, books to read and music to review so I better get on with it!
DJ Rob
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  1. Don't tax softdrink and junkfood- tax girth, muffin tops and gut flaps. Or just cull the wobbly to make soap ; )