Friday, September 24, 2010

Song of the week #109

If you don’t like LOUD music then I’m afraid this is not going to be the week for you. Turn off now and switch on the Disney Channel.

For those of you game enough to hang around, well, let’s get started.

Rollins Band, fronted by Henry Rollins. We’ve played this artist before, and I’ll play him again. Pure aggression with lyrics that bite and bite hard. I’m in the mood for this one. A song about being true to yourself. This is a song I think about a LOT when training for Ironman. As you may or may not know I suffered a small tear in my Achilles Tendon. That has made running impossible but I am riding and swimming like a madman. Listen to the lyrics.

Rollins Band – Shine:

Loud enough? I don’t think so. This one is from one of the best…Ozzy can’t talk coherently anymore but singing is not an issue.

Black Sabbath – Children of the grave:

You still with me? Here’s the heaviest song of all time. Lyrics, guitars, the works. Turn it up as loud as possible.

Faith No More – War Pigs:

Loud music, heavy music, hard rock – sometimes it is just great to get in the car, crank the stereo and sing along to some rock! And here is the perfect song.

Motley Crue – Kickstart My Heart:

Anyway, I’m signing off. I hope you enjoyed a few loud tunes. And I hope I am a lot calmer after listening to them. If you’re in a bad mood get outside, play music, walk your dog or do whatever.

This last song is from a great Victorian band. Painters & Dockers are just too cool for words. Loud guitars, brass section, mega-energy and a good range of lyrical content. I wore out a cassette copy of their live album "Bucket" when I was in high school. This song is about the scourge of the late 80’s and early 90’s….

Painters and Dockers – Die Yuppie Die:

I’ll be calmer next week. Maybe some Sinatra and Michael Buble…

Blow your mind, smoke dynamite,
DJ Rob

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