Monday, September 27, 2010

Big weekend...

Friday, as you can probably guess by Song of the Week, was the end of a busy week. I'm not complaining mind you, but everything seemed to come at once and I was also doing my best not to get a cold!

I was pretty happy when Coach told me to take Saturday morning off. So I missed the morning ride. In the afternoon I chose to forego the AFL Grand Final and hit the pool for a long aerobic session. Well the football was a joke in the end but the pool session was awesome. We finished off with 1100m pool buoy and my body just started ticking over really well.

Sunday saw me out near Queanbeyan (and me without my Passport!) before riding around Sutton Rd. A great couple of hours in the sun with good company meant a pretty fab ride.

But today (Monday) was a tad harder. Ride from Tharwa to the Corin Dam wall and back. You can check out all the details here courtesy of my Garmin:

71km in 3 hours is certainly not fast but make sure you check the hill profile before you get too smart!

Angus is off to Sydney tomorrow at some foul early hour. He's representing the ACT in a carnival for the "future stars" of Australian Football. Personally I hope he goes for it but I know his passion is rugby.

Zoe and I are going clothes shopping (for her) - that should rate a blog entry later on I imagine.

And because I just finished reading his biography here's Steve Earle. It would be great if they could update the book though as a fair bit has happened since it was released. Great read if you're interested, it is called "Hardcore Troubador". has it and that is a great site and they are NOT paying me to say that!!

Steve Earle - Pancho & Lefty:

DJ Rob

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