Friday, September 17, 2010

Song of the Week #108

Hooray, another week done and only one to go until school holidays!! 12 weeks until Ironman.

I'm in my new office with the million dollar view and stacks of work to be getting on with as usual. That's all good.

Today Alison's car had to go in for some work. They gave me a loaner to get around in and oh my goodness was it gutless. I'm used to putting my foot down and the car going somewhere fast (well at least in a hurry) but this particular Merc B180 was about as exciting as my old Toyota! And it was brown too....very 70's.

Speaking of the 70's, here's a singer who is often derided unfairly. In this clip he has stolen Hank Marvin's glasses but I've always found his voice a treat to listen to.

John Denver - Rocky Mountain High:

And speaking of Hank Marvin, here's a classic...

The Shadows - Apache:

We've got new neighbours. Here's a wishlist. I hope they can park straight. And I hope they don't smoke. It isn't really that hard is it!! There was bike racks on their car so that is a positive thing I reckon.

Last week I parted with ten bucks and bought Rush's greatest hits. Why? Well they featured on a couple of TV shows I saw as well as a movie and I'd never really listened to them. Not bad, not bad at all. I'll need to spend some time working through their discography over time. For only three guys their sound is full, complex and hard hitting.

Rush - Working Man (live):

It seems pretty obvious that a lot of bands are heavily influenced by Rush. None more so perhaps than one of my personal favourites, Coheed & Cambria.

Coheed & Cambria - Ten Speed (of God's Blood & Burial):

I had to laugh. Coheed & Cambria are a very successful band. In the liner notes for one of their CDs, one of the band members makes mention of his High School Careers Teacher who said he'd never amount to anything!

A few weeks ago I featured Chet Atkins. This week I want you to listen to this song before you find out who is playin it so click the link and close your eyes:

Unbelievably that's John5. For those of you unfamiliar with the name, he was the guitar player in Marilyn Manson's band. Bit of a change of pace. DJ McG loaned me his John5 CD and it is seriously wide ranging in terms of style but all killer guitar work.

I saw video of Henry Rollins interviewing Marilyn Manson. Seems to me that Manson thinks he is a lot smarter than he is. But then again, he's the international rock star and I'm blogging on a Friday night!

Time to close off. But as always there is a feature tune. Remember Charles Manson stealing from The Beatles and U2 stealing back? ( ) Well, even if you don't, here's a tune that Eminem stole from Martika and ruined. The original is a great song and the whole album isn't half bad.

Martika - Toy Soldiers:

Rock, rock, till you drop!

DJ Rob


  1. If you caught Heston Blumenthal's cooking show on SBS last week, you missed seeing Noddy Holder of Slade fame and Trevor Bannister of Are You Being Served fame. And if you are not watching this show regualarly, your a chicken.

  2. Rocky mountain Bbbkkeerrrkkk!