Friday, September 10, 2010

Song of the Week #107

I’ll be brief this week. It has been hectic at work, with training and also we’re packing up to move offices which is almost as good as root canal work I imagine!

The Darkness were a UK rock band. They didn’t last all that long (two albums) as the group disintegrated in a clichéd mess of drugs and musical differences. The two albums are quite different but both worth a listen if you like Queen, AC/DC and have a good sense of humour. We all now know that Justin Hawkins managed to fit into that hilarious suit by existing on a steady diet of illicit drugs but he’s managed to get the monkey off his back. His latest band, Hot Leg, were a bit too far into left field even for me. This is a cool song from the first album.

The Darkness – Friday Night:

And look, I wouldn’t usually put two songs in from one artist but this is a live version when the band was pretty much unknown. Check out the way they win the HUGE crowd over. Not many bands can pull this off in a live situation.

The Darkness – Love On The Rocks (With No Ice):

Is that enough rock and roll for one week? NO WAY!

This next tune was recommended by DJ WatzOn…I’m only on my second listen but it ain’t half bad. I will be making an effort to listen to more from this guitar player.

Rory Gallagher – Cradle Rock: Yesterday I made a mistake and the wrong radio station was playing in the car. Commercial radio – shudder! But they played this song and it was a huge flashback to when I was a kid! There is no doubt that this is derivative, a rip-off and extremely cheesy. I guess that’s’ why it is so foot tappin’ good! Sounds like Boney M to me.

Leif Garret – I Was Made For Dancing:

The instrumentation in that song really reminds me of 70’s TV theme songs. Which allows me to segue nicely into the song of the week. If you were a fan of Starsky and Hutch, Kojak, The Professionals or The Sweeney then you’ll know this one as well. I was reminded of it when I went to a concert here at school last week. Rock on.

Radio Birdman – Aloha Steve & Danno:

Deniz Tek who plays guitar in Radio Birdman is a qualified doctor and a US Navy pilot…his callsign was (is) Iceman…

Have a great weekend. I’ll be riding up 5 big hills and swimming a long way!

DJ Rob

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