Friday, October 30, 2009

Song of the week - Episode 62

What a weird week – almost everyone I speak to agrees. I really would like to put a big line through it and start again. Somehow we made it to the end though.

Michael Jackson fans rejoice, you can purchase this for only US$190. At this price it will need to sing, dance AND do the dishes in my opinion.

Facebook followers may have noticed that I posted “just because I dress like this doesn’t mean I’m a communist”. Setting aside my political leanings for now, it really was a reaction to far too many people I encountered this week judging others by the way they first appear without looking any deeper. That doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try and “look the part” but it isn’t everything. I always thought that most “radical” groups would have a lot better chance of getting their message into the consciousness of the general public if they had a wash and wore clean clothes now and then. “Needlessly alternative” is so boring. Oh yeah, the lyric is from an ace Billy Bragg song – check it out here:

Fans of harder music will no doubt be aware that Slayer’s new album is due out next week. Thanks to the magic of technology I have had a quick listen to it. A couple of points: if you don’t like their older stuff, you won’t like this. If you think America is a flawless world power, you won’t like this. Great songs, great production. Listen with an open mind.

Not too much else to report except that I am completely gobsmacked by my son. A while ago he dislocated his right shoulder playing rugby. He was told that he would miss a season of rugby and probably two summers of cricket. Wrong. Rather than sit out, he’s been relearning all the skills he needs for cricket – left handed. That’s perseverance for you. He’s also playing tennis left handed. No swimming though which may remain a challenge in summer!

The scooter riding continues to cut into my music time but I have my hard drive playing on shuffle at work and I’m coping. This week’s song comes from a band that I have never been overly enamoured with. Sure, they have some good tracks and their frontman’s mastery of the guitar is without question but as a package I find Dire Straits patchy. Not that they would care about my opinion!! I do, however, really like this song. Great dynamics, it features a resonator guitar and of course a timeless story. – Romeo and Juliet.

In addition, here’s a great version from 2007 from The Killers:

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