Friday, October 16, 2009

Song of the week - Episode 60

Weather – rain, rain and more rain. We shouldn’t complain being in a drought and all but really, it would be so much better if it only rained at night. Rain means no cycling and that means riding inside on the home trainer. This is possibly even more boring than gardening in my opinion. Of course, the dog chasing me whilst I was riding in the lounge room was quite amusing for about 30 seconds. Apparently, 1 hour of riding at a reasonable pace burns the equivalent amount of energy as is contained in eight chocolate biscuits. So if I ride for a bit longer I can finish off the packet guilt free!

Also, it needs to dry up for me to enjoy my course this weekend. I’m off to learn how to ride a scooter so that I can get my learners license!

Words – we haven’t had a word of the week for a while. My individual lexicon has obviously been stagnating. So, two words would seem to be in order this time. The first is “wean” – nothing to do with feeding babies either. Pronounced like the name Wayne, wean is a Scots word for a child. It means the same as bairn really. Wean comes from “wee ane” – small one. I’m really not sure why this word popped into my head – maybe a subconscious flashback to the “Oor Wullie” cartoons.

Read this for more, it’ll help if you read it out loud or find a Scotsman to help:

The second word is “sanguineous”. I heard this in a song and for a long time it didn’t click that this was what was actually being sung. The lyric was “sanguineous hands of death” – cheery eh? Sanguineous means relating to blood or bloodshed. I guess the hands in the song were bloody then!

The song with sanguineous in it is from a great band that I saw live a LOT a few years ago. Armoured Angel were from Canberra and were purveyors of very, very heavy metal. My good friend Sutto introduced me to them when we drove to Sydney to see them play. I was asked to run the lighting panel that night never even having seen one! Over the next few years I saw Armoured Angel play in a number of cities – they were a great band although they aren’t going to be everyone’s cup of tea. This song is about the possible effects of science on humanity:

Armoured Angel – Castration:

But the song of the week is something a little lighter! Well lighter in terms of musical style rather than lyrical content.

Glasvegas are, surprisingly, a Scots band! I hadn’t heard of them until I heard their singer being interviewed on radio. He was really boring but I thought but the songs they played were interesting. After a read of the lyrics to this one I felt that it was a good one for this blog. Thought provoking for those interested in thinking and a good tune if that is your bag. What attracted me to Glasvegas initially was, again, the fact that they sing in their own accent, as well as their sound which has an 80’s flavour to it in a good way. This one is called “Flowers & Football Tops”

You can read a bit about the song here:

This week’s song is not attached – the file is too big so you’ll have to listen online:

Glasvegas – Flowers & Football Tops:

Drive safely,
DJ Rob

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