Friday, November 6, 2009

Song of the week - Episode 63

Well, it had to happen and I must admit that I am relieved. Someone has made a request for a song. Mind you, this Song of the Week nonsense is all about me so I’ll choose whatever I like, but I am heartened that someone out there actually reads what I blether on about (blether is the word of the week – read on).

Now, I’m not sure why anyone in their right mind would have a hankering for Rod Stewart but that is what was asked for. Immediately I pictured a mop in a tartan waistcoat!! Rod has had his moments though so here is one from his time with The Faces. I much prefer this to his solo stuff as there is infinitely more swagger and attitude. Oh for the days when one could be as ugly as a hat full of rear ends and still be a rock star!

The Faces – Stay With Me:

Now, this little sojourn into the world of Rod Stewart reminded me of a clip from my favourite comedy of all time. My apologies are given in advance to those of you that have been subjected to this before. Mike Myers made a film called “So I Married An Axe Murderer” which is a lot funnier than Shrek or any of the Austin Powers films. Here’s a clip to whet your appetite:

So I Married an Axe Murderer (Mike Myers as his character’s father):

That segues nicely into the word of the week, again from Scotland, and it is “blether”. Blether means to talk nonsense in essence, normally ad infinitum. For instance, if someone was talking non-stop just to hear the sound of their own voice you might tell them to “stop blethering”. Blether comes from the Old Norse word “blathr” which means nonsense. I’ll stop blethering now and get to this week’s song.

It is no secret that I like guitars. At the moment I only have 4. Guitars are like bicycles in that the perfect number to have is one more than is in your collection. For a long time I have been a fan of Irish guitarist Gary Moore. He plays with taste and a great tone regardless of whether it is rock or blues. My mate Will got me to listen me a whole heap of his stuff a while back, whilst I was a casual fan at the time, I am morphing into a fanatic. One of my favourites is his song “Over the hills and far away” which has an obvious Celtic influence – here it is:

Gary Moore – Over The Hills and Far Away:

But the Song of the Week is not that, it is even more guitar oriented and I guarantee that not all of you will like it – sorry. I’m hoping that you’ll listen with an open mind. Dragonforce are from the UK and they play loud, fast and melodic (to a point) heavy music. Their lyrics make me laugh (and they are not meant to) as they are very much in the dragon/fantasy vein. I like this song, it rocks, it is technically fab from a guitar point of view and it has a good melody and is catchy. I hope you like it. The only unfortunate thing is that really, most of their stuff is very, very similar. Too similar for me.

Dragonforce – Through Fire and Flames:

DJ Rob

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  1. rob
    I have a Gary Moore video- will drop it over sometime,
    We were living in the US, west coast when that film came out, and we really loved it- one of Mike's best, (and set in one of the best pplaces in the US)