Friday, October 9, 2009

Song of the Week Fri 9 October '09 - Ep 59

Sometimes you just get music, sometimes I have other things to get off my chest. This week my chest is burdened by a couple of issues. These are only my opinions and I understand that your mileage may vary!

Roman Polanski - all those people supporting him, please organise yourselves to be drugged and then abused against your will. Then see how you feel. He admitted it. It is wrong. He should receive the appropriate punishment.

Cycling dope cheats. I hate them. All the cyclists I know think that they are a blight on a fantastic sport. Well done to the UCI for catching another cycling doping cheat. Can I also say that there is a penalty that they have to serve. I won't comment on whether or not I think it is severe enough. The point is that there is a process in place and when they've done their time then they are afforded the chance to return to the sport. Fair enough. Second offences should mean a lifetime ban I reckon. Maybe it is that way - I'll read up later.

Blatant profiteering. My favourite band, AC/DC, are about to release a CD/DVD box set. No problem with that. About $45 gets you some music videos, live tracks and "rare" tracks. Right up my alley. However, the "deluxe" version includes an extra disc, an LP, memorobilia and, get this, the box is a working amplifier. To me, as a fan, this sounded almost too cool for school. I expected the price tag of just over $200. What really annoys me though is the fact that you can only purchase this "deluxe" set from AC/DC's website. So...postage ends up being about $60. You have to be kidding. Can anyone say ripoff. Hopefully this is sorted out soon.

Music time. Have you ever had a song in your head that just won't go away. I have. And at 3am last night I really wished I hadn't watched all that Wombles stuff on YouTube. Not quite sure how it happened. One moment I was listening to Bob Dylan and the next minute there we were, on Wimbledon Common! Watch this at your own peril.

Remember You're A Womble:

In 2005 my mate Chris talked me into playing the guitar for a musical. The songs I had to learn were way, way, way out of my comfort zone. ABBA, Tina Turner, REM and Dolly Parton weren't really in my hard rock repetiore! This one slipped back into my consciousness this week. I hadn't heard it before the show and really, it is a great tune. Very catchy and fun to rock out on the guitar.

Me, Myself, I - Joan Armatrading:

This week's main song was playing in the supermarket tonight when Alison and I were trying to work out what to have for dinner. Funnily enough, the singer of this one was the mystery guy introducing Stryper the other week. No-one picked Dee Snider - shame on you all!! This song was funny - I remember when I thought it was so heavy! It was also the first guitar solo I ever learned note for note! This song takes me back to before I had an electric guitar and trying to be oh so cool. My showpieces were Bon Jovi's "Dead Or Alive" and this solo. Fun times and a really funny video from the time when MTV ruled! This song really just highlights the fact that every generation has a different take on almost everything. Did my Grandpa like my Dad's music? Probably not. Did my Dad like mine? Certainly not always although to his credit, he was a lot more open minded musically once he understood how much I loved my electric guitar! He'll be reading this and will no doubt enjoy the Wombles more than Twisted Sister!

We're Not Gonna Take It - Twisted Sister:

See you next week. Be nice to each other.

DJ Rob

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