Saturday, July 4, 2015

Song of the Week #355

During the week I wrote more about the continuing quest for the most excellent rock music. If you're interested just click here.

Well hello everyone and welcome back for another episode. This time around we've got some classic Oz Rock, a couple of new tunes, a nod to a prog legend and of course the usual drivel, nonsense and information of no consequence. Please place your seat in the upright position, ensure your tray table is stowed and all electronic devices are set to LOUD.

This week I watched the second episode of the ABC series "Blood and Thunder". It's a documentary about the Albert Music company. Along with Mushroom Records they would have to be the iconic Australian music recording and publishing companies. Albert's is famous for bands like The Easybeats, Ted Mulry Gang, John Paul Young, Rose Tattoo, The Angels and those relatively unknown, vertically challenged former Scots called AC/DC. The show is only two episodes but the stellar footage, production, interviews and information guarantee that it is worth watching online via iView or the ABC website. For music fans it really is Oz Rock History 101.

The Easybeats - Sorry -

Flash & The Pan - And The Band Played On -

Those paying attention will have recognised George Young (dark hair) and Harry Vanda (the tall one) who wrote, sang, and produced that song. They are in both of the above clips.

One of my favourite songs and video clips of all time was featured on the show as well. Rose Tattoo's "Rock 'n Roll Outlaw" has been around the top of my list for years and years. The song is abrasive and urgent whilst the clip has Angry Anderson looking like he just wants to shout a big "up yours" to the world.

Rose Tattoo - Rock n' Roll Outlaw -

English progressive rock band Yes made 21 albums beginning in 1969. Chris Squire played bass on all of them. Sadly he passed away recently. Along with Lemmy he's famous for using a Rickenbacker bass guitar - always a good look if you ask me.

Yes - Starship Trooper (live) -

On Friday morning DJ Hamertime and I paused during our morning cycle. It wasn't the apparent temperature of -11 degrees although that may have been a minor factor. Anyway, in the coffee shop there was some music playing...someone was murdering Def Leppard's "Bringing on the Heartbreak". After a quick spot of investigation I discovered that the singer was Mariah Carey. Whilst I hated it I have read that Joe Elliott, Del Lep's singer, thinks it is pretty good. Here's a really good version that I stumbled across...

Tempt - Bringing on the Hearbreak -

Veruca Salt have a new album out next week "Ghost Notes" is their first since 2006 and the first since 1997 with the original lineup. A solid beat, great guitars and enthusiastic vocal delivery with harmonies have always been hallmarks of the band and they still sound like they are in top form. For fans of indie rock, Liz Phair, The Clouds and probably The Superjesus.

Veruca Salt - Laughing In The Sugar Bowl -

Keith Urban is a New Zealander. He may well be an Aussie these days since he came here as a teenager. Regardless, he's a fantastic guitar player and has made it big worldwide. Here's his latest song and it's pretty cool but the lyrics are clearly aimed at the US market. More guitar please Keith.

Keith Urban - John Cougar, John Deere, John 3:16 - 

Duff McKagan is most famous as the bass player for Guns 'n' Roses. He's got a book coming out shortly and an EP to go along with it. Duff is the one responsible for the majority of the punk influence with GnR. On this new track he teams up with former bandmate Izzy Stradlin and Jerry Cantrell from Alice In Chains. I don't know if this is the final version or a demo but I like it a lot.

Duff McKagan - How To Be A Man -

There are a whole lot of extras coming out with the Rolling Stones expanded version of "Sticky Fingers". Five alternate mixes and some live tracks as well. I'm not sure I like "Brown Sugar" with Eric Clapton. Here's the alternate version of "Dead Flowers". Good stuff.

Rolling Stones - Dead Flowers (alternate version) -

Z-boots flies out of Pentecost tomorrow. She'll be home about a week later. From what I can gather the farewells have lasted a few days and little Gordy (age 4) is furious that not only did I leave but Zoƫ is too. I've been in contact via phone and email with both Atavtabanga and Level during the week and my sincere thanks go to everyone who continues to support our efforts to help them out. It looks like we'll be able to get an electric light into some of the classrooms at Atavtabanga and we're well on the way to organising some stationery packs for the students at Level. I've got some longer term projects on the go as well. If you're interested let me know. I'm blown away by how generous and caring people are.

The band, as you know, plays Dirrum Dirrum on 31 July and Coonabarabran on 26 September. We've now added a "Crazy Night" gig on 12 September in Canberra. It's a big party evening with no slow songs so hit up the band's Facebook page if you're interested ( Crazy Night will be a lot of fun and all the proceeds go to the Crossing The Divide programme out of Bundarra School. The aim is to help the students there get their forklift licenses. Come along and help us close the gap. Also please watch this space as we'll be doing a low key afternoon show in support of the schools in Vanuatu. We're not begging for your money, just come along and have a good time. The Vanuatu gig is a chance for me to say thanks to all that have supported by playing a few songs.

I probably pull this song out too regularly but it says a lot...

Joe Cocker - With A Little Help From My Friends -

See you all next to play...


"Le peloton est regroupe
Camarades et amitie" - Le Tour de France, Kraftwerk, 1983

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