Saturday, July 25, 2015

Song of the Week #358

There's a theme running through all of the tracks in this week's episode. See if you can pick it. Other than that who knows what might happen? Check your health insurance before you read on...

Let's begin with one of my favourite performers. Tons of energy and a great guitar sound.

Elvis Costello - Pump It Up (live 1978) -

Every now and then I hit you with a John Denver song. Maybe it's a bit mainstream but I really like his voice, attitude and songwriting. This is a cool story about an instrument handed down through his family.

John Denver - This Old Guitar (live) -

Roy Orbison had one of the best voices ever in popular music. His songs have an almost uplifting sound to them that is instantly recognisable. Roy also plays absolutely stunning instruments. I think I was initially attracted by the mystery that the shades create as well as the big beautiful guitars.

Roy Orbison - You've Got It -

Elton John writes a really good rock and roll tune. Saturday Night's Alright For Fighting is one of my absolute favourites. But this week I've chosen a rather lively version of a classic...

Elton John - The Bitch Is Back (live) -

In my opinion, Weezer as a band is almost the definition of alternative music. They might be a little too popular for that these days but the sound is still there. They have a talent for switching tastefully between jangly pop and all out fuzz which is something I really like. Nirvana were pretty good at that too but they don't fit this week's theme.

Weezer - Island In The Sun -

Here's a guitarist who has to be one of the most influential ever. Millions of guitarists play the guitar he came up with and that is named after him. Amazing footage of him playing on his 90th birthday.

Les Paul - Sleepwalk (live) -

DJ Z-boots is in Scotland now whilst Vanuatu recovers from her visit! Whilst waiting in Abu Dhabi to fly to Edinburgh she sent us a message saying that the place was full of Scots. A little girl had opened her mouth an "out popped the Proclaimers"! Pretty funny. I'm sure she's got her ear in tune by now. I'm pretty excited as today she's off to visit my Granny!

The Proclaimers - Throw The R Away -

Just before I finish; one short political statement. It seems as if the Australian Government and the opposition are going to agree on a policy to turn back refugee boats. This isn't a solution, all it does is move the problem elsewhere. It's illegal and immoral. We're a better country than that even if our politicians seem to have forgotten.

Don't forget to come and see the band on Friday evening at Radford College. I guarantee that we'll be rocking as hard as we can; no slow songs in this show. This next track isn't within the theme of this week's episode but it sums up our attitude towards the upcoming gig..."this computerised crap ain't getting me off, everywhere I go, the kids wanna rock..."

Bryan Adams - Kids Wanna Rock -

DJ Rob

"...mama said the pistol is the Devil's right hand...", The Devil's Right Hand, Steve Earle.

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