Monday, June 29, 2015

The continuing bodacious quest for most excellent rock music...

For those of you that came in late...

DJ DJ, DR Dr and myself are on a most excellent adventure. We're scouring the Internets, blogs, record shops, friends' music collections and anywhere else in search of new(ish) rock music that needs a wider audience. This quest stemmed from a discussion around the sad state of rock music as we saw it...or at least the difficulty for bands in getting any publicity in a market crowded with manufactured, auto-tuned drivel. So far we've looked at Vintage Trouble, Kingswood and Airbourne.

Today's recommendation is not really a new band. But I'd never heard of them and their new album is their first release since 2004.

Goatsnake are from LA, California. If you believe Wikipedia they are a doom metal band. I think there is much more to this release that that.

The album is called "Black Age Blues" and to me sounds like a mixture of early Black Sabbath, Kyuss, Monster Magnet and Soundgarden. The vocals are clear and easy to understand (no growling or screaming that I've heard thus far) and in amongst the brutal, sludgy guitars is a really cool bluesy harmonica. 

Here's a Spotify link to the entire album:

Goatsnake - Elevated Man -

Until next time, be excellent to each other.


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