Saturday, July 18, 2015

Song of the Week #357

Spotify playlist this week:

This week; more music and less blethering.

Here's a stoner rock band from Melbourne. This track is from their first album. Definitely one to add to the collection for fans of fuzzy riffs. The album is available from their webpage and all major online purveyors of sonic mayhem. Oldies like me can order physical copies too on CD or vinyl.

Don Fernando - Haunted by Humans -

If you like your punk rock with a healthy dose of keyboard madness, boundless energy and a rhythmic approach seemingly fuelled by too much black coffee then the next band might be your thing. Ramones meets Talking Heads with the B-52s and Blur thrown in too. The album was released last week.

White Reaper - Make Me Wanna Die -

Bluestone 42 is a BBC TV show. It's a bit of a black comedy and worth a look. The show centres around a British Army bomb disposal unit in Afghanistan. The first episode is a little slow to get going but persevere. Plenty of laughs. If you like Red Dwarf or Dad's Army then you'll like this. Available on iView for Australian viewers and perhaps on YouTube for the rest of you but you didn't hear that from me.

Bluestone 42 trailer -

Remember this next song? I can't get it out of my head this week and it's driving me mad. Everywhere I look I see London, New York, Paris, Munich....everybody talk about...

Black Label Society, and former Ozzy Osbourne,  guitar hero Zakk Wylde is releasing his own brand of guitars, pedals and amps. They look pretty cool but are very, very close to the Gibson, MXR and Marshall gear he already uses. Hopefully the price point will mean that quality gear is more affordable for mere mortals. Have a look at the price of a good Marshall amplifier sometime. Zakk is a really good guitarist and plays with passion...

Black Label Society - Fire It Up -

When this next track rolled around on the shuffling playlist of 20,000 songs I wasn't sure if this next song was the Grateful Dead, Rolling Stones or the Black's none of them. It's better. This was their first album to feature Jason Isbell on guitar. 

Drive By Truckers -  Marry Me -

Cover version time...Swedish indie folk sisters doing a predictable but fabulous version of an ABBA classic. If you like this then search out their live attempt at Paul Simon's " America". 

First Aid Kit - Chiquitita (live ABBA cover) -

In the mid 80s I purchased a WASP album on the strength that I liked the title and that it was cheap. It was a radio station promo LP that had made its way into a second hand record shop in Wellington, NZ. I'm not always enthused with WASP's lyrical content but Blackie Lawless sings in tune with a voice that makes AC/DC's Brian Johnson sound like a choirboy. The guitars are bluesy too in a metal kind of way. It's still a great album and the intro to this, the title track, is pretty cool.

WASP - Inside The Electric Circus -

Yesterday US alt-country-indie-folk rockers (yeah, hard to classify) Wilco released a new album. So what? Well firstly, no-one knew it was coming and secondly it's available to download free from their website. Physical copies will be in stores later on apparently. Wilco can be hit and miss for me but at this price you'd be mad not to give it a spin. Better than it appearing magically and perhaps unwanted in your iTunes account...cough, cough, U2!

How's that then? Plenty of new tracks to keep you busy.


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