Saturday, March 14, 2015

Song of the Week #340

Earlier in the week I wrote a thing about "First World Problems". It's here if you're interested (note that there is no music content).

I'm pretty distracted at the moment. With Zoe and all of Vanuatu being hammered by Cyclone Pam it's hard to consider much else. We have no news as communications are not working. We do know that all the volunteers' names and details have been passed to the Australian Government Crisis Centre. It's pretty real folks, apparently Vanuatu hasn't been hit by a cyclone this strong ever. Years and years ago I did some Geography and Oceanography as part of my degree. Suddenly I know a lot more about it than I ever did. All we can do from this end is wait and hope.

Zeparella - When The Levee Breaks -

Now, let me know what you think of that cover version. I'm not the hugest Led Zep fan out there but I think they did a very good job.

My favourite band have released another single from their latest album. It's nothing earth shattering but it has a good melody and beat. What I do like is the video clip though. Good to see Chris Slade rocking out on drums while the rest of the band seem to be having a damned good time. Music doesn't always have to be introspective or with some kind of message that only the nerdy fans will get. Rocking out and having fun is OK!

AC/DC - Rock The Blues Away -

Gig time for me (and the rest of the band too) is tomorrow. I guess if you're coming we'll see you there. It was neat to find out recently that Jason Isbell is back in the studio recording another album. If it's even half as good as "Southeastern" it'll be fantastic. I spent some time this week listening to his earlier work and that was time well spent.

Jason Isbell & The 400 Unit -

My number 1 pop-punk band are on tour across the USA shortly supporting Bowling for Soup. Personally I think that all of my American listeners should get out to one of these shows if they can. The Dollyrots are a great band...they love dogs.

The Dollyrots - Puppy Dog Eyes -

Bowling for Soup - Punk Rock 101 -

DJ Al-ee-sun and her new knee are home. I think she did rather well to escape the hospital a week early. The cat seems pretty happy about the arrangement as well. She still falls asleep at a moments notice and that's definitely funny.

Divinyls - Sleeping Beauty -

Here's this week's instrumental track. Check out the king of surf guitar, Dick Dale. Note that he plays a left handed Strat strung upside down!

Dick Dale - Miserlou -

My other job at the moment is as Angus' driving instructor. I have to admit that he's pretty good and far more confident than I ever was. It's good as he'll be able to drive his Mum around as well since she's not allowed! Last time I had Zoe in the car she was singing this...seems appropriate! I don't know what the musical term is but I love the way that the keyboard in the chorus just holds back from the beat a little.

The Beatles - Drive My Car -

That'll do for this week. Channel all your positive vibes towards the people of Vanuatu. I think they need it.


"You're going home in the back of a Divvy Van!" - Painters and Dockers (1995)

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