Monday, March 30, 2015

Making a difference

Zoë flew into Canberra today. At the moment it's just not viable for her to stay in Vanuatu. She hopes to be back there in a month one way or another to teach or help in some other way. It's wonderful to see her, hug her and hear of her amazing experiences. My heart aches for her local family left behind and for the people of Vanuatu struggling just to survive.

After a few delays and hitches (that's putting it lightly), Zoë flew into deliver aid to the people she cares about so much. It was 3.5hrs of flying and she was on the ground for 10 minutes. That was long enough to unload the aid, hug just about everyone and then fly back to Port Vila. To the generous people who donated the money for the helicopter I can assure you that these supplies have made a real difference. The balance of the money will go to a charity working actively to get aid and support into Pentecost.

Here's a few photos for you all. Zoë has a lot more to say but I'm going to leave that to her.

Photo 1 - Zoë in the helicopter at Port Vila.

Photo 2 - leaving Level School. Check out those smiles! That's Zoë's Dad in the yellow shirt. The woman with the baby and the orange cloth is her Mum.

Photo 3 - goodbye for now...hope to see you all soon.

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