Saturday, June 28, 2014

Song of the Week #304

Some of you may have taken the absence of my golden tones on the internet this week as a sign that I'm washed up. The truth is that I've been busy. I've been getting the Ugandan Navy into shape.** Anyway, I'm here now so on with the show.

I was in Brisbane this week for a meeting. The day went like this; wait for a plane, fly to Brisbane, wait for the meeting (at the airport), attend the meeting, wait for a plane and then fly home. Sanity was maintained with some tunes from Russell Morris as well as by watching some of the latest INXS biopic on the plane. Sadly the plane back home to Canberra was the budget model with no screen! And if you thought flying into Wellington airport in NZ (which is built on a windswept isthmus) was diabolical then Canberra topped it. Wow. The two women sitting next to me talking about barfing on planes really didn't help me much on the white knuckle descent.

Motorhead - Going To Brazil -

Speaking of Brazil; there's a small football tournament going on there at the moment I hear. I was watching bits and pieces but when Greece advanced to the next round as the result of an obvious dive I really lost interest. Diving is for goalkeepers and swimming pools.

DJ DJ sent me a link to the next band. Depending on who you believe they are the saviours of rock music or just another Led Zep ripoff. I like to make up my own mind. After all, I'm happy to listen to a mix tape with Kylie, Slayer and Billy Bragg on it. So I listened. And I'm still listening. The Led Zep influence is obvious but it's not just a ripoff. If you like classic bluesy rock then this is worth a click.

Rival Sons - Open My Eyes -

Well it's just 12 days now until the band hits the road. Make sure you check out our Facebook presence here. Although I've been practicing the songs for the tour I think I'd like to play this at least once. It doesn't matter that it's American.

Taj Mahal - Six Days On The Road -

I know that there are a thousand different versions of that song including really good ones by Steve Earle and George Thorogood but Taj really gets my toes tapping.

I read this morning that Eric Clapton is giving up touring. I guess that at age 69 with a hugely successful career he can do what he likes. I must say that what I like about Eric more recently is watching him play with other guitar players. He genuinely knows when to step back and when to turn up. In 2010 he put out an album with BB King (thanks Dad!) and it is just sublime. If you're not a guitar head like me then when you listen to this track the snappy guitar is Eric and more muffled lead sound is BB. Great track. And yes, I know it's a John Hiatt tune.

Eric Clapton and BB King - Riding With The King -

To finish off this week a couple of INXS tracks. You can argue all you like about whether or not they are the biggest Australian band of all time but there is no denying that they were fantastic. 

INXS - Don't Change -

INXS - Need You Tonight (live) -

That's all folks!

DJ Rob

"Who am I?
Where am I?
And why do I feel this way" - Jesus Jones (1991)

** paraphrased from John Bird as Idi Amin. You may find this amusing but only if you know something about the former African dictator.

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