Friday, June 6, 2014

Song of the Week #301

After scoring the triple century, raising my metaphorical bat and kissing the Australian Coat of Arms on my hat it's time to take a new guard, adjust the box and soldier on. All that I don't even like cricket that much!

Last weekend I wrote a review of the movie "Sunshine on Leith". Click here if you want to read it.

It's the Queen's Birthday long weekend here. I'm not a fan of the monarchy and all it stands for but a day off is a bit of a welcome relief. Time to ride my bike in the sunshine, play my guitar and maybe spend some time with the family if any of us are actually at home at the same time. I've played this next song before but it's worth a second airing for the video clip alone!

Motorhead - God Save The Queen -

I heard this week that John Lydon (aka Johnny Rotten) had been cast as King Herod in a stage version of Jesus Christ Superstar. Sadly the whole tour has been cancelled without explanation. Whilst discussing this with DJ McG he pointed out that Lydon's recorded works are so much more than the Sex Pistols. He's right of course so listen to this...

Public Image Limited - Rise -

H has steadily been attempting to get me to worship at the altar of all things Bob Mould. He took me along to an awesome live show and then casually passed some albums my way. Until this week I've liked his stuff but not loved it. This next track is just fantastic though. There's less fuzz, less pop punk and more moody moments. It's almost like Bob doing a song by The Cult and you should listen to it now.

Bob Mould - Poison Years -

I've agonised about whether I should play this song or not. The subject matter is deeply personal for a great many people and that includes some who I know read my ramblings. But it's such a well written and delivered tune that I'm taking the plunge. Rarely does a song evoke such an emotional response with me that shivers run down my spine. Although this CD had been playing in the car for a while I hadn't tuned in to the lyrics. In my opinion it's one of the angriest and saddest songs I've ever heard. It's a beautiful song, angry doesn't mean I'm going all heavy metal with you. Give it a chance. Oh, and if you're listening with children in the room be aware that the "F" bomb is dropped near the start of the song. It made me wince but I'm sure it's meant to.

Jason Isbell - Elephant -

I like songs with a story. Steve Earle writes them, so does Billy Bragg. I was in a coffee shop with DJ Al-ee-Sun last weekend when a guy started playing this one. He did a good job. This version has Willie Nelson, Kris Kristofferson, Waylon Jennings & Johnny Cash singing. The instrumentation is just a little bit too slick for me but it's still fantastic. The link is for a whole concert but the first tune is the one I'm recommending.

The Highwaymen - Highwayman -

Here's a bit of a flashback. This band played in Melbourne when I was in High School and I remember a couple of friends telling me how blown away they had been by the live show. Great track.

Eurythmics - Would I Lie To You (live 1987 Sydney) -

I guess in rock music terms everything this week faded into the background when it was announced that Doc Neeson from The Angels had died. I was fortunate enough to have seen him play live. There's no doubting the fact that Doc and his band are absolute legends. There's not much I can write that hasn't already be said. This is a huge loss so I'll just list a few tracks for you to listen to. RIP Doc.

The Angels - Marseilles (live) -

The Angels - After The Rain (live) -

The Angels - Dogs Are Talking (live) -

If you haven't seen the episode of ABC TV's Australian Story that profiles Doc then seek it out. It's on iView and probably on the YouTubes as well. It aired not that long ago.

As more than one person has said of Doc, I guess we're never going to see his face again. Sad.

DJ Rob

"I'm the one who knows what scares you,
I'm the one that loves you best,
I'm the thirteenth at the table,
I'm the uninvited guest..." - Marillion, The Uninvited Guest, 1989

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