Saturday, July 5, 2014

Song of the Week #305

Well, that was a huge week. School holidays started, I spent 2 1/2 days at work, we exchanged on our new house, I got a new job and I was sicker than I have been in years. I'm still very fuzzy around the edges so if there are bits of this week's episode that make less sense than normal then please give me some latitude. I have no idea what I had but imagine the worst case of sea sickness combined with a 12 hour migraine and a 48 hour killer flu and you've got a rough idea. Yuk.

Being that unwell I didn't do much except lie around in bed and wonder if I was going to die. I did try to listen to the radio but that made me feel worse. At one stage I did manage to listen to a couple of podcasts but that's about it.

One thing I listened to that was really pretty interesting was a few songs and a talk delivered by Sting. It's about him suffering writer's block but also about him growing up in a town dominated by shipyards (Wallsend). The whole thing goes for 28 minutes and it's a really good listen if you're interested in the process of writing music or just a few good songs.

Sting - How I started writing songs again -

The cool thing about Facebook is that I get to link up with music lovers all over the world. This week via DJ DollyrotTom I reconnected with DJ BudE and discovered a whole swag of excellent tunes that he has been posting for his followers. Check out this song that he linked to recently. I really got a huge shock when the singer opened his mouth, what a great and unexpected voice! I think I had the same reaction the first time I heard (saw) Alabama Shakes.

St. Paul and the Broken Bones - Everybody Knows (River Song) -

On Monday evening, I sat down to watch RockWiz. It's seriously one of the most fun shows ever on TV. This week was a look backstage at the Byron Bay Bluesfest hosted by Henry Wagons. I know that DJ SAB has been trying to get me listening to Michael Franti and Spearhead for ages. Well Michael was on the show and was pretty cool. I better put him on my listening list for the next few weeks.

Michael Franti - Say Hey (I Love You) -

I'm trying hard to be excited about Le Tour de France starting tonight but I'm failing. I enjoyed watching the Tour of California and the Giro d'Italia as well as some of the shorter races but there's something about the Tour that just isn't inspiring me this year. Maybe it's elite sports overload. We've got Wimbledon, the World Cup and now Le Tour all on at once. Not to mention that the AFL is getting more and more interesting as the season progresses. I'm doubting that we'll get cycling coverage when we're on tour from next week anyway so I won't have to worry too much until the last week of the race.

This next band are one I listen to rarely. They are very much a group I have to be in the mood for. After last week's look at Rival Sons I went back and tuned into their latest live album recorded here in Australia. It was the right moment. If you want a look at a really effective use of an open tuning, slide guitar and a great rock voice then this is for you...

The Tea Party - Sun Going Down (live and acoustic) -

In a brief excursion in the car yesterday I listened to Morrissey. Not for a ny particular readon, he just rolled around on the random playlist. This really is a great song.

Morrissey - Come Back To Camden -

That'll do for this week. I need a Lucozade and a lie down!

DJ Rob

"TV is the reason why less than 10 per cent
Of our nation reads books daily
Why most people think Central America means Kansas
Socialism means UnAmerican
And Apartheid is a new headache remedy" - The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy (1992)

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