Friday, February 8, 2013

Song of the Week #233

Last week I played a new(ish) song by Nena. I’ll just pop back in time for a minute…

Nena – Rette Mich -

For fans of the TV series, “Once Upon A Time”, I hope that you’ve realised why the Mad Hatter is called Jefferson. If you haven’t then check this out…

Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit -

Years ago I bought a Frank Zappa greatest hits CD for two reaons. One was because I thought I needed to try his music out and the other was because it was a cool cover photo! I really like this song…anyone who rhymes with Winnebago rates a second listen!

Frank Zappa – San Ber’dino -

Look, I may have played this guy before, I can’t quite remember. But I stumbled across this during this week and as a guitar player just watching his fingers is mesmerizing. Wow!!

Thomas Zwijsen – The Trooper -

The internet has spawned a gazillion armchair critics and experts – I guess I spend my fair share of time writing down what I think for anyone to read.

DJ DJ sent through a few links to articles where people had tried to list the top 10 metal albums of all time. Interesting – and if metal is your thing then reasonably controversial. I dug deeper and found top 10 lists of almost everything! I may explore these in later weeks. My top 10 ways to avoid university homework should be a bestseller. But you won’t get top 10 ways to lose weight as there is only one solution: willpower, exercise and a good diet all mixed up with brutal honesty. I’m at the point of trying to maintain weight or even gain a little even though that’s a real challenge mentally.

I tried to put my own list of metal albums together which was challenging but the big decision when making such a list is are they records that were very influential, or just the ones that I like the best. There’s a big difference. And then there’s the whole, “is AC/DC heavy metal or not” debate. For my money they are just a loud rock and roll band – who I happen to like a lot.

So, if you’re interested then here are my top 10 metal long players along with a track from each (in no particular order)…

Those of you with a sharp eye will note that there are 11 albums listed above. Metal ALWAYS goes to 11. Also Stryper is very much an acquired taste…I like the fact that they can really sing and play even if the message isn’t quite my bag.

Now, to finish off here’s something that came around on my iPhone the other day when it was on shuffle. I haven’t laughed so hard in ages. If you’ve laid eyes on me recently you’ll understand why.

Jack Kerouac – I’d Rather Be Thin Than Famous -

And on that note, with the entire world elite sporting population on the juice I’m off to ride home fuelled only by DJ Al-E-Sun’s Thermomix Pasta and an apple. Have a good weekend folks. Thanks for listening.

DJ Rob

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