Friday, February 1, 2013

Song of the Week #232

Back at work. will I fit all my cycling in??
Joe Jackson – Time -
Seriously though – I set myself the target of cycling 1000 km in January and I made it. I got to 1113 km after my ride on Thursday morning. There were a couple of moments in the middle when I thought I wouldn't get close but there you have it. I reckon I rode about 90% of the distance on my own which made it pretty tough mentally. Out on the Breadalbane road, alone and with a headwind is a hard thing to deal with! My weight loss and diet also meant that I have had to rethink my hydration and nutrition strategies even on shorter rides. I used to head out early in the morning on an empty stomach and ride, usually only drinking water, for up to about 60 km. Any further than that and I needed some food or sports drink. These days I need those a lot earlier and I eat something before I head out. It works.
AC/DC – Ride On -
So, Alison got a new car. The old one had a few niggles and needed to be moved on. Given the dreadful, dreadful service from the bank we are glad and frankly rather amazed that the car is finally here. The first thing I saw was Alison and Zoe driving away with Zoe waving out of the sunroof! All of our cars have had names in the past. But this car is proving hard to apply a moniker to. Apparently it needs to be a name befitting a German girl. My suggestions of "Stanley" and "Sporty Spice" have not been at all well received. Some people just can't be pleased. Nena is out as well. Sigh.
Nena – Du Bist So Gut Fur Mich -
I thought that was a pretty cool song. Nena (of 99 Luftballons fame) is a pretty versatile singer.
Now I'll attempt to suggest a solution to the gun debate in the USA. I'm a realist, America has millions of guns out there and disarming the population just isn't something that can be achieved. And it really doesn't address a big part of the problem which is guns in the hands of criminals. Now, my solution may seem simple and I'm sure right wing gun loonies and left wing pinkos can pull it to bits – but it's my idea. Read on if you dare...

America is pulling out its war machine from parts of the Middle East. If, for just a moment, Mr Obama and his mates can cease and desist from policing the rest of the world there will be a lot of bored armed services personnel sitting around, or worse, unemployed. Well, it seems to me that this causes opportunities. How about some of the billions that are no longer being spent on the Middle East war machine be channelled into serious law enforcement to target and disarm criminals. Not a few bucks here and there but a massive injection of funds? If manpower was an issue then troops no longer needed overseas could have the option of working alongside law enforcement to help them out. That's a start to one side of the problem. With more war bucks and some political courage a national firearms registration database can be set up. Americans can have their guns as guaranteed by their Constitution, but they'd need to pass some kind of handling competence test and have adequate storage in place. You have to pass a test to drive a car so why not a gun?
To me this doesn't seem too radical. But politics, greed and one eyed ideologies will no doubt get in the way. It won't solve little Jilly or Johnny using firearms from the cupboard at home to shoot someone but it should reduce criminal shootings and therefore the perceived need to sleep armed to the teeth. Money, yep more money, will be needed to provide adequate education about guns as well as to monitor mental health issues.
Johnny Cash – The One On The Right -
I'll save my comments about Australia Day for another time.
After reminding everyone how cool I thought "Rock of Ages" was I've been listening to the soundtrack as well as the some of the original versions of the songs from the musical. Cheesy rock is cool.
Quarterflash – Harden My Heart -
Journey – Any Way You Want It -
I attended a presentation about cyber safety today which I thought was pretty good. The message really is the same as it is for a lot of problems; common sense prevails. It's such a shame that society at large thinks that someone else is responsible for everything.
The Proclaimers – Everybody's A Victim -
And then there's this fabulous piece of propaganda supplied by my good friend DJ DUG....
The Honest Coca-Cola Obesity Commercial -
Fans of a good belly laugh could do a lot worse than to check out the US TV series, "Community". Each episode is only about 20 mins long and DJ Al-Ee and I spend almost the whole time in tears. Chevy Chase is in it but don't let that put you off – he's funny in this one.
"Community" trailer -
Eh, that's probably enough for this week. Here's a tune to play you out. Pianoman H was talking about Iggy the other week and it reminded me of a cool live DVD I have. Originally I had an old VHS copy from DJ McG but the DVD release for $9.99 is a must have. There's a strong language warning on this track.
Iggy Pop – Raw Power (live) -
Have a great weekend and watch out for Zambonis.
DJ Rob

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