Friday, January 25, 2013

Song of the Week #231

This week I was going to tell you all of my clever clogs solutions to a number of burning international and domestic issues. I assume that when reveal them that a career as an international thinker (highly paid naturally) will follow. But, none of that matters today because Zoƫ is home!!!
We picked her up at the airport in Sydney rather early this morning after she flew in from Charles De Gaulle via Bangkok. That's about 21 hours on a plane. Ouch.
Yep, she was pretty excited to see us and we got a lot of amusing stories in the 3 hour drive back to Canberra. She's still awake but it can't last.
Diesel – Comin' Home -
I'm very happy that she had a great time and thankful that Alison and I were able to send her on such a wonderful journey.
My Girl – The Temptations -
Prince is back with a new album coming out soon. Here's the single which I really, really like. Even if he has recycled the keyboard bit from another one of his songs and his hair from some old carpet it's a cool track that grooves really well.
Prince – Rock and Roll Love Affair -
DJ Al-E and Angus finally saw the movie "Rock of Ages" this week. They agree with me that it is totally cheesy and a lot of fun. It's also the only thing I've ever seen Russell Brand do that is funny – and he is hilarious in the movie. It's also another big thumbs up for Tom Cruise.
Russell Brand / Catherine Zeta Jones – We Built This City/We're Not Gonna Take It -
Sometimes I hear a track and am amazed that I've missed it...this one's a classic that I really can't believe I hadn't heard until the movie. The original is cool...
Foreigner – Juke Box Hero -
My red guitar is back from the repair man. I've had it for 25 years now and I still love it. Hendrix, Knopfler and Marvin all played red Stratocasters so that's why I got one. Given that I was right into metal at the time I'm still amused by my choice.
Dire Straits – Lady Writer (live) -
It wasn't for a while that I worked out that Knopfler didn't use a guitar pick and that's one reason his guitar sound is so distinctive. I tried it but ended up with a bit of a hybrid approach.
Tomorrow is Australia Day. I'll talk another time about the calls to move the date and to make it more inclusive. Being an immigrant to this country I think I have something to offer to the conversation. But I'm not ranting here this week. You'll need to check me out on Facebook for that. Here's some clips that might make you think though...Australia is a complicated place.
Redgum – The Long Run - (thanks to my bro for tracking down a vinyl copy of this for me!)

George Smilovici – I'm Tuff -
Sam Kekovich 2013 – National Lambnesia Test -
Archie Roach – Took The Children Away (live) -
DJ Rob

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  1. Great Aussie choice, but you forget the penultimate....."Australiana" Austin Tayshus :)