Friday, June 24, 2011

Song of the Week #148

I like cycling. I remember the thrill of learning to ride a two wheeler, my Dad painting a bike silver for me, my first 10-speed racing bike and of course the love affair that I have with my Cervelo road bike. I like reading about cycling too; books, magazines, websites, the lot! I’m happy on my mountain bike, time trial bike or even riding some hills here in Canberra. I’m excited when new season bikes are released and always wish I had unlimited funds. And I’ve certainly spent a fair bit of time online at the Trek Website customizing a dream bike over and over. I really need to get on with learning to ride my unicycle. But what I can’t stand is cheating. It already looks like this year’s Tour de France will be overshadowed by the Contador doping circus. All I can do is cheer for the riders that I hope are clean and pray that one day the UCI will see the light and get really serious about sanctions for doping.

Sadly the big music news this week was the death of E-Street Band member, Clarence Clemons. I’m only a fan of selected bits of the Bruce Springsteen discography but there’s no doubt that The Boss’ music just wouldn’t have been the same without Clemons’ saxophone. I didn’t realise until this week that my favourite Springsteen song is actually written about him meeting Clarence. And in retrospect I realised how many songs that I like featured the Big Man. I’ll dedicate this episode to him.

This is my favourite Springsteen tune. From the Born To Run album (1975)

Bruce Springsteen – Tenth Avenue Freeze Out

I remember thinking that I had finally got the better of a jazz snob when I was at school when I found out that Clarence was playing on this next tune. A helluva lot of fun and also featuring Alice Cooper, Billy Joel and Brian Setzer. Of the guest stars, only Alice is in the video.

Twisted Sister – Be Chrool To Your Scuel

The next song was a hit for Clarence along with Jackson Browne in 1985.

Clarence Clemons – You’re A Friend Of Mine

And this cheesy number with legend Aretha Franklin was a chart topper also in 1985.

Aretha Franklin – Freeway Of Love

Clarence also appeared on Lady Gaga’s most recent album. She must have at least one redeeming feature I suppose.

Before I finish, I feel the need to plead with just about every TV news service. The images of cruelty to animals in Indonesian slaughterhouses are probably unnecessary in every report that has a tenuous link to the story. At the very least, a warning that the images may be disturbing would be appreciated.

This morning Alison took pity on me and I was spared a ride to work on the scooter in -4 degrees. As a result I grabbed a random CD from the racks to listen to while negotiating the polar bears and penguins who are here because it is colder than where they normally live. I’m glad that this particular CD came with me because it made me laugh all the way to work. That can’t be bad!

Billy Connolly – Last Train To Glasgow Central

This is odd. Very odd. But the album is strangely almost compulsive listening….see what you think:

Luther Wright & The Wrongs – Comfortably Numb

See you on the flipside.

DJ Rob

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