Friday, June 3, 2011

Song of the Week #145

Guten Tag, Bonjour, G’Day, Haere Mai, Shalom, Hello!

Welcome back for another installment in the blog that just refuses to go away. And sorry that I’m a bit late this week. I know that so many off you wait beside the computer jonesing for your fix of musical mayhem.

The insurance debacle caused by our break-in carries on like a juggernaut with hiccups. Who knew that we were the ones that had to phone the insurance company back when THEY had finished the quote? Add to that a 7 week wait for a new door. I think that frustrating would be an apt description. Does anybody out there remember “The Comedy Company” TV show? Well I do and I reckon our insurance company is just another product from “Bastards Incorporated”.

Just in case you need your memory refreshed: Bastards Incorporated

I was a bit grumpy when I got home. But the combination of pasta bake on the dinner menu and a quick blast from a comedy CD as I drove home from taking Zoe to youth group seems to have improved my mood. You can be assured that I’ve left the thrash metal out of this episode.

Here’s one of my favourite rock tracks. I discovered this band a few years ago when I heard a snippet on the radio. They took me a while to track down but after conversations with too many record store employees and numerous internet searches I got the CD. Cool lyrics, beautifully driven guitar and a singer who looks like Lister from Red Dwarf.

Danko Jones – Living In The City

Readers of the news will have heard this week that all the remaining Borders stores in Australia are closing. Personally I think that their actions in the gift card debacle put them in the Bastards Incorporated league. 317 people will lose their jobs. I was in Borders on Saturday with Angus. We were reading all their magazines in an attempt to get some value out of our useless gift cards. On the way out I noticed that they has Ramones coasters and Star Wars torches on clearance – and who can resist such a top bargain! I like books so I’m sad that the shop will be gone but there are a few other good options in Canberra. Of course, there’s always the amazingly awesome Book Depository website as well. But, here’s a Ramones tune for you. I always think that if I’d heard this band as a teen when I was right into AC/DC and Iron Maiden that I might have turned out differently!

The Ramones – The KKK Took My Baby Away

Getting into punk via The Ramones led me to a number of other bands. I realise that YouTube will do that for you now but what it meant for me back in the day was venturing into different parts of the record store. While The Lemonheads are not a punk band per se, I got into them about the same time. They do a really, really good cover of Suzanne Vega’s song Luka. I like either version. Such a sad song, breathless voice and tasteful guitar. A very left field hit in my opinion.

Suzanne Vega - Luka

Earlier on I referred to the TV show Red Dwarf. A classic. And the theme song is excellent. Grab a glass of fresh mango juice and sing along!

Red Dwarf Theme Song

I continue to be astounded and disappointed by sports administration at all levels. Check my earlier blog post if you want details about junior rugby. But really, the Contador drugs sham and the joke that was the FIFA elections are enough to make me spew. Here’s a track for all the drug cheats, liars and corrupt sports folks.

Beck - Loser

This next tune was on a cassette that I’d only listened to a few times. It came around the other day and this song floored me. I won’t shy away from the fact that it is a pretty confronting few minutes. From the album “Hypocrisy Is The Greatest Luxury”. You’ve been warned. Don’t listen if you’re feeling down today.

Language of Violence – The Disposable Heroes of Hiphoprisy

So, let’s finish with something a bit more upbeat because, personally, I’m looking forward to an awesome weekend of family time interrupted only by marking a few assignments!

It’s an evil sounding tune that I’ve been in love with since I was a bairn. But this is a newer version. Rock on.

Apocalyptica – In The Hall of The Mountain King

That’ll do. Avagoodweekend.

DJ Rob

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