Friday, July 1, 2011

Song of the Week #149

Busy, busy, busy. Three words to describe this week.

And cold too. -6 degrees on the scooter this morning. When I jumped in the pool at 7am it felt like a spa bath! It is weeks like this that make me very glad that the floor is heated at our house – perfect for early morning yoga!

I’m going to race through some tunes today so get ready. But I have three weeks of school holidays coming up so brace yourselves for some longer blog entries. That’s as long as I don’t get too bleary eyed watching the Tour de France. Three week race, three weeks of holidays. Magic!

Here’s Henry singing his lungs out. One of the best guitar riffs ever. It’s meant to be loud so you know what to do.

Rollins Band - Fool

This next tune from SAHB was one I’d been looking for on YouTube for a while. It’s a great slab of rock without being too overpowering. A song perfect for driving with vocals that remind me of Bon Scott. And a fabulous chugga chugga guitar.

The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - Midnight Moses

If you watch or listen to the news you’ll know that one of the US nuclear factories is threatened by bushfires. And if you knew that you’ll understand the tenuous link to this tune.

Billy Bragg – Help Save The Youth Of America

Did you get the link? Los Alamos? Hello? Turn the switch on your brain to the “on” position.

Hahahahaha! I found a remaster of a Twisted Sister album in a CD shop last weekend. The job of remastering was pitiful but the songs are still good. This isn’t on that album but it’s a funny song and clip. Dee Snider (singer) was sponsored by Vidal Sassoon!!

Twisted Sister – Leader Of The Pack

And all those motorbikes reminded me of The Fonz. I’m sure I look this cool on the scooter!

Happy Days Theme

I was going to play Nick Cave’s song “God’s Hotel” now. I’d been reading more of Paul Kelly’s book and he wrote about it. But I like Paul’s version a lot and I quite dislike Nick’s so I won’t bother. It left me cold and I’m disappointed. So how about a good cover of a Cave song. This one is perfect. It is like it was written for Mr Cash.

Johnny Cash – The Mercy Seat

And on that note, hoo roo.

DJ Rob

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