Friday, May 27, 2011

Song of the Week #144

After the low of our house being burgled we were feeling lower than a snake's belly. But the prospect of a day trip to the coast for Angus to play rugby had us feeling OK. After all, some sunshine, a sausage sandwich and some boys playing good rugby sounded like a plan.

But, as it seems to be of late, lady luck wasn't with us, in fact she was totally against us! Angus played almost 5 whole minutes of the match before tackling a kid twice his size. The other kid landed on him and bent his wrist in a way it just isn't meant to go. The result was that Angus spent the rest of the match with the St John's Ambulance guys. Then he spent some of Saturday evening at the hospital. It wasn't broken but it was pretty beat up. Of course, it's Friday now and he looks like he's recovered well. Just in time for another smash fest tomorrow. Why he can't be a chess Grand Master is totally beyond me.

This is a song for Angus. Good advice for the times when the hulking 70kg 13 year olds are chasing him.

Pink Floyd - Run Like Hell

Time to lighten the mood a little. I heard this next artist years ago when I saw a cassette with an interesting cover in a bargain bin at my favourite record store. The song titles appealed to me and I was pleasantly surprised to get home and find out that the music was pretty rip roaring. With titles like “I wanna race Bigfoot Trucks”, “Destroy all lawyers” and “Don Henley must die” it was $5 well spent. See what you think.

Mojo Nixon – Burn Down The Malls

Of course, nothing Mojo does will top his song, “Debbie Gibson is pregnant with my two headed love child”! Well it made me giggle.

And this next song is just for fun, lots of fun, so much fun that I’m dancing around the room trying to type…man I love this version!

Me First And The Gimme Gimmes – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

Billy Bragg wrote on facebook this week that he had been watching some music videos from the 70’s with his son. According to Bill these songs were the reason that punk had to happen. Here’s two of my favourite voices doing a great version of a classic punk tune. I guess the song could be classified as hardcore rather than punk but that’s just semantics!

Chuck D & Henry Rollins – Rise Above

Chuck D is from the US Rap group Public Enemy. I really got into their music and some of their message in the early-90s when I was studying Human Geography. I was drawn to their straight talking lyrics and brutal honesty that melds totally with the sound they produced. It isn’t music I listen to every day but when I’m in the mood…

Public Enemy – Give It Up

I also read this week that heavy metal legends, Judas Priest, appeared on the TV show American Idol. Oh please. They should be ashamed of themselves. I have no more to say on that.

Some weeks I have a rant and some weeks you just get music. This is a rant week. Skip over the next bit if you like…

I hear all the time that the “youth of today” have no respect, don’t know how to behave and have short attention spans. Well hello, that is just wrong and it’s time that “oldies” practiced what they preach. We were at the National Eisteddfod last Sunday watching Zoe. There was a large group of 13 and 14 year olds in front of us watching the performance and listening to the adjudication. Their behaviour was appropriate for the occasion. Contrast that with someone’s Grandma and her cronies behind us who talked through the whole thing even when asked to be quiet. And then there were all the adults who let their phones ring and one who I saw actually answer it during the show. Wrong, wrong, wrong. And a second example whilst I am on my soap box. People in my profession spend a fair bit of time trying to ensure that kids take responsibility for their surrounds. Cleaning up after yourself is something that we continually work on. Imagine my surprise when after a morning tea this week a friend told me that when he had reminded another colleague to put their cup in a dishwasher he was told that they “didn’t have time for that kind of thing” . If you want Gen Y to show respect and act in a particular way then remember, you have to model the behaviour as well. It’s a NIKE thing, “just do it”.

On Tuesday I went with MC Burglar to the tattoo parlour. I’d decided that if I finished the Ironman race that I’d join the crowd with the Ironman logo tattooed on my body. I was nervous, really nervous. Would it hurt? Would I cry? Would my leg fall off? Would Angus and MC Burglar laugh at my predicament? Well, to cut a short story even shorter, it took about 15 minutes, hurt like hell and I didn’t cry. It’s done now. I got it on the outside of my right ankle. That way anyone riding past me can see it! It’ll take a few weeks to completely heal but it looks pretty good I reckon. However, I’d rather do another Ironman than go back for another tattoo. The training and the race hurt less.

Rose Tattoo – Scarred For Life

Listening to Chuck D and Henry Rollins earlier made me reflect on what makes a good voice. Neither of them are what I’d call great singers in the traditional sense but the characteristics of their voices and the way they use them make their vocal delivery unmistakable. Some people are just blessed with a unique voice that appeals to others. Neil Young wavers around a note. It probably wouldn’t work for anyone else but he’s made a career from it. To finish off here’s a little gem that uses the singer’s voice to perfection. Something a bit different but I like it a lot.

Lee Marvin – I Was Born Under A Wandering Star


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