Friday, May 20, 2011

Song of the Week #143

Hello out there in blog and internet world.

This has been a week of highs and lows. The low was our house being broken into on Monday. We can cope with the loss of a whole swag of electronic equipment – it’s a pain but insurance should come through at some stage. What is totally devastating is that our backup drive (aka Harold) was taken and that had all of our photos on it. It’s rather tempting to set up an automated machine gun overlooking the courtyard but I guess we’ll have to make do with some less severe security measures. The poor dog who was in the backyard is still getting his voice back.

One of the highs however was that the Jazz Band Zoƫ plays in achieved a Gold Medal at the National Eisteddfod. She loves playing in this band and the Concert Band. And even though she is addicted to the TV Show Glee, she enjoys the music she plays as well. This is a version of one of the tunes she played last night.

Magic Sam – Sweet Home Chicago

I’m still working my way through some Bob Dylan tracks that DJ Stringman gave me. I stand by my assertion that a Greatest Hits package is not necessarily the best place to start. This song came up at the gig I reviewed a couple of weeks ago so I checked out Bob’s original. Yeah, not bad (it’s probably sacrilegious to say that!), but here’s another version I found that I really like.

Mountain – Masters of War

Does anyone else think that Leslie West of Mountain has had singing style emulated by Eddie Vedder from Pearl Jam? You be the judge. Also, folk music aficionados will pick Bob’s use of the tune from the song “Nottamun Town”.

Last week The Cars were an unexpected blast from the past. I’ve got another one this week. Roxette! Having seen these guys live in the 90s I was an instant convert. I didn’t expect a new album but there’s one out there and it sounds pretty good. It’s simply fun pop/rock music. There’s a “world” tour as well. Obviously their idea of the world is different to mine.

Roxette – She’s Got Nothing On (But The Radio)

AC/DC finally released their live DVD filmed in Argentina during 2009. I’m a big fan and at $20 I thought it would be a good deal even if I only watched bits of it every now and then. Wow, it has exceeded all of my expectations. The band all sound great and the production is slick even if the song choice is predictable. But, after having watched the show I reckon that South America has to be THE place to see a rock band. There’s around 60,000 screaming fans in the stadium and even on DVD you can tell that the atmosphere is electric. I’ve seen AC/DC twice here in Australia but nothing compares to this. Take a look!

AC/DC – Big Jack (live at River Plate)

I hope I’m rocking that hard when I’m in my sixties!

A few weeks ago I introduced some of you to a band called Vintage Trouble. They rocked my socks almost immediately! Their CD and 45rpm single arrived the post this week and I continue to be blown away by them. If you don’t listen to any other song this week then I implore you to give this one a spin. A more laid back effort from a band that just oozes style.

Vintage Trouble – Nobody Told Me

The best comedians are the ones who can relate everyday experiences and make them hilariously funny. In my view Billy Connolly is probably top of the heap in that regard. But this morning I was listening to an old cassette and Bill Cosby came on. I don’t remember hearing this before and I laughed until I hurt. So, with thanks to my Brother, MC SamSpam, here’s Bill.

Bill Cosby – Fat Albert’s Car

Some of our neighbours had a huge party last night and getting to sleep was a problem. This morning I got up early, but not on purpose. Since I was awake I made the most of my time crashing around in the garage, putting the bins out and playing the radio to make sure that hangovers started nice and early upstairs. It was rather anti-social of me but the memories of a pulsing bass line running through my head while I was trying to sleep fueled my attempts at making sounds akin to Einsturdenze Neubaten. All the time I had my iPod on and the soundtrack came from Lily Allen. She’s got a potty mouth but her voice is great and the tunes are catchy. So I think I’ll finish up this week with one. This one has pretty cutting lyrics so give them a listen. No bad language in this version – safe for even the easily offended.

Lily Allen – The Fear

See you on the flipside,

DJ Rob

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