Friday, May 6, 2011

Song of the Week #141

I guess it is fairly difficult to have missed the fact that a US Navy SEAL Team killed Osama Bin Laden. And whilst I am glad that he’s been found I find it hard to come to terms with the celebrations involved. I have no doubt at all that Osama Bin Laden was a terrorist with a lot of blood on his hands. I also understand that if you don’t make a pretty good effort to surrender in a fire-fight then you’re going to get shot – and that never really ends well. Yes, I would have liked to see him taken alive, he had a lot to answer for, but I understand why that couldn’t happen. What doesn’t sit well with me is the almost party atmosphere that ensued. My view, and it is mine alone I am expressing, is that we should be glad that Osama was found, understanding of the outcome, and quietly thankful that he can no longer be responsible for any more death. His legacy is another story.

On a related note, I finally got around to applying for my Australian Defence Medal (I finished regular service in 1997). It is given in recognition of service in the Defence Force. My service was all done here in Australia and for that I am thankful. For a while I was disappointed that I hadn’t served overseas but the experiences of some friends and acquaintances who have been to a number of places put that into perspective.

I was going to play ABBA’s “Money, Money, Money” next in recognition of the fact that Zoë is about to get braces. But that seems so obvious. This is better…some of you will get the not so obscure reference I hope.

Electric Mayhem – Love Ya To Death

One of the best bits about writing this blog every week is that people communicate with me and let me know about songs and bands that they think I will like. Sometimes they are dead wrong (that’s all you Justin Bieber fans) but a number of recommendations are pretty cool. This one is in from DJ JoyToTheWorld (and family). The resonator guitar is cool…

Johnny Flynn - Brown Trout Blues

DJ McG has been feeding me great tunes for a while now, even if I’m really struggling to like “The Buzzcocks” live album. But this next tune is a lot of fun. I was so tempted just to wheel out the original because I love the boogie…but here’s a different version. This song has one of best lyrics ever…”hub cap diamond star halo” – yeah baby!

Ministry – Get It On (Bang A Gong)

It’s a bit scary but after 10 years I’m heading back to University – even if it is online! As a result I had to drag out my Academic Transcript so that I can prove to the Uni that I indeed have a degree to start with. I hope they don’t look too closely at the marks! It was a long time ago that those three FAIL grades were achieved and I think they should be written off now. Ha! But when I was looking for my transcripts a photo of my Grandpa fell out of the folder. It’s a good snap of him and my Granny. I’ll play this next song for him – I remember him requesting it at a sing-along many, many years ago (when I had hair). I thought it was an odd choice at the time but, knowing more about him it makes sense.

Flower Of Scotland

Who knows why Australian crowds don’t or won’t sing. Too busy with a pie probably!

DJ Chickenbrother has been trying to get me to play this for a while. But I lost the email link and it took me a while to remember who sang it. A great cover of an iconic Australian song. Good choice.

Jon Toogood (from Shihad) - Reckless

On Wednesday I had to go to Sydney for work. My views on that city have been aired before. On this visit I had the cabbie from hell. He’d rotted his brain listening to way too much talkback radio and at 7.30am I really wasn’t up to dealing with him. However, I am now aware of all the reasons why our government, country and kids are in such a mess. And who knew you had to be gay to be a hairdresser? Luckily the next one I got was a really nice guy and we had a good chat.

Song of the Week this time is Lenny Kravitz from when he was good and funky…

Lenny Kravitz – Mr. Cab Driver

Rugby season starts tomorrow…better get my thermals out so I don’t freeze while watching!

DJ Rob

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