Friday, April 1, 2011

Song of the Week #136

It has rained in Canberra more in the last 9 months than I can remember since I landed here in 1989. I’m not complaining in that our dams are full and the drought has finally broken. However, it would be nice if it just rained at night. Scooter riders and cyclists would rejoice. On Wednesday the radar showed that a storm was coming through so I jumped on my mountain bike with the hope of getting home before it hit. It wasn’t to be. I got hailed on and it hurt so much that I had to hide under the edge of the pavilion at a local sports ground. Those holes in bike helmets that act as air vents are just the right size to let the hail hit your head. And when you are blessed with as little hair as me it is a painful problem!

But in more exciting cycling news, I set a personal best in what was the last time trial of the season for our triathlon club. Some days everything just clicks. And the combination of a rather solid training base (thank you Ironman) along with some fast wheels and a special helmet got me over the line quicker than ever before. If I can pull out a good performance in Sunday’s triathlon I will be well pleased with the season in total. And I’ll be ready for a rest!

I’ve had a pretty quiet week musically. Riding the scooter or my bikes only has one real downside and that is that you can’t listen to a few tunes during the daily commute. I’ll amuse you with a random selection from my iPod. Hang on and I’ll hit the shuffle button…

Rhino Bucket – I Was Told

Wow, this is a band I haven’t listened to in a very long time! And this is an acoustic track so perhaps a bit more accessible. Basically they are a pub rock band with a singer who sounds a bit like Bon Scott. They knock out some excellent guitar grooves and for fans of bands like The Angels or Rose Tattoo more than worth checking out. Rhino Bucket is a fabulous name for band too!

The Black Crowes – High Head Blues

The Black Crowes became firm favourites of mine in the early 90s with their cover of Otis Redding’s “Hard To Handle” and their debut album “Shake Your Moneymaker”. Tasty guitars and drums that roll along like a train. This is one band I would really like to catch live.

Ipi Ntombi – Mama Thembu’s Wedding

This is from a musical I saw in NZ as a child. It was my first exposure to gumboot dancing and the cast using garbage lids for rhythm. The creators of “Tap Dogs” must have seen it too!

Guns N’ Roses – Raw Power

Originally by Iggy and The Stooges this is a faithful cover version done by the Gunners before they collapsed into what really became a shambolic excuse for a band. Very much a song I use to psych up prior to a race.

And for the final song in the iPod shuffle edition of Song of the Week.....drum roll please...

Crooked Fingers - Under Pressure

This is a great cover of the Bowie/Queen classic. If you're looking for the ultimate version of this song then it is on the Reality Tour DVD from Bowie.

I'll think of you all when I'm at the coast this weekend (insert evil laugh here!)

Suggestions and comments are always welcome. Some even get published and you get paid twice what I do to write this.

"It's a musical journey...."

DJ Rob

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