Friday, March 25, 2011

Song of the Week #135

If you’ve been reading Song of the Week for a while you’ll know that I have some left-ish political views. I’m not a “raving, loony, left-wing hippy” (to quote Billy Bragg) but for whatever reason, that’s the way I lean. And whilst not wanting to cause an argument, I do find it slightly ironic that a recent Nobel Peace Prize winner is involved in bombing the living daylights out of Libya. I acknowledge that force may now be required to safeguard innocent Libyans but it is a shame that it had to end up at this point.

I don’t know any Libyan songs, although I do have a live Painters & Dockers LP where they claim that one of their tunes is a “Libyan love song”. It isn’t. But I do know plenty of songs about changing the world.

Steve Earle – The Revolution Starts Now

Steve has a new album coming out later in the year. You can bet you’ll hear about it from me. I reckon he does a great job for a former heroin addict who’s been married seven times! I guess that gives him plenty of starting points for songs.

I found out last week that my daughter likes this next song. Maybe there is hope for Gen Y after all. Great song.

The Eagles – Hotel California

Check out that twin neck guitar. I toyed with buying one a few years ago but good sense got the better of me. These days I don’t care as much, I’m happy to be a poser!! I promise that if I ever get one I won’t be playing Stairway to Heaven on it.

The triathlon season is almost at a close. For me there is one race left in a week’s time. That’s probably a good thing as parts of my body are starting to protest and I could do with a sleep in! It seems a very long time since I began training for Ironman at the end of April 2010. I did have a week off in December after the race though!

If anyone out there can help me with a method of deciphering what opera singers are actually singing (when it’s in English) just let me know. And if no-one can then leave me and my very heavy metal with guttural vocals alone! I can understand them just fine.

This next tune has one of my favourite guitar solos in it. You might be surprised.

Lionel Richie – Dancing On The Ceiling

Angus’ cricket team won their grand final last weekend. The season is over and they are the champions. It was fabulous to see a team gel so well, especially when they are all about 12. When I look back on my childhood, none of my friends or I were nearly as skilled as what I see at rugby and cricket with Angus. Hopefully his beloved ACT Brumbies can pull off a win tomorrow night against NSW.

There was a guy who lived next door to me at university who was very much into the next band. I didn’t realise how much of it had seeped into my sub-conscious until I heard a track the other day. The vocal delivery is fantastic and there is some great guitar work as well.

Edie Brickell & The New Bohemians – What I Am

Let’s finish with something fairly recent. I wouldn’t want you to think that I was stuck in some kind of musical time loop. I first made a conscious effort to listen to this band a couple of weeks ago. After a few listens their music began to grow on me. A new Seattle sound maybe. You be the judge.

Band of Horses - Laredo

Where do paw-paws come from? Dog-dog plants.

Have a good weekend,

DJ Rob

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