Friday, April 22, 2011

Song of the Week #139

School holidays got off to such an excellent start. We had Angus' 13th birthday party at a skate park - and we didn't need an ambulance. I got a few good rides in during afternoon sunshine (and one early morning), met friends for coffee, had a birthday and then I made a big mistake. I cleaned up the garage just a bit. And my back didn't like that, decided to twist nicely to one side and I've been pretty much flat on my back since Weds afternoon. Great.

However, I'm not going to dwell on it. It'll get better and I'll get out of this drug haze soon!

Turning 40 is meant to be some kind of big deal but I'm not sure I know why. It's inevitable. I don't feel any different but people did say nice things about me so that's cool. My family made me feel pretty special. An R2D2 cake might be the height of geekiness but I loved it. And as soon as I'm back on the bike I'll strap the cool video camera they gave me to my helmet and hit the mountain bike trails. My bro and his family gave me Star Wars LEGO - they understand.

DJ Dom is off to Germany shortly for a season as a pro triathlete. A great achievement and even though we give him heaps we'll miss him. Here's a German band for him to get into:

Regular readers will know that I'm a keen triathlete. I've been lucky to be involved with the Tridents Club here in Canberra for a number of years now. Our coach, Ben, has been the heart and soul of the club for 16 years. This week he's decided to coach no more. He's not one for fanfare or seeking attention but rather someone who goes about his business with a quiet and confident air of professionalism. Ben's successes with elite and age-group athletes speak for themselves. I feel privileged to have been coached by him, especially through my Ironman journey. I used to send him a text at the end of each race that often read "Rob was not last". I've come a very long way under Ben's guidance. So, with a bit of a heavy heart, this next song is for him.

I just watched a documentary about Guns N' Roses (thanks Mum). It was pretty good really for an "unauthorised" DVD. What was interesting was the mention of bands who came up around the same time or who were thought to be similar. A lot of "hair metal" bands were spoken about and the reasons for their success or failure. Having talent, good songs and luck are all great but without a frontman with a big voice and attitude to match it seems that there was little chance for a band. I always found the Gunners a bit patchy, even their seminal work "Appetite for Destruction". But when playing a few related songs I came around to this one. Great voice, great song...the band that bought their name from Gary Moore:

I was reading about the guitarist from this next band in MOJO magazine this week. I laughed when he wrote that his father, no longer living in Scotland, had become more Scots than the people who still live there. In Australia I see this happening to people from loads of countries. I guess I'm lucky in that I have three countries whose culture and heritage I draw on. I'll be the old guy in the retirement village telling Maori legends to my grandkids while wearing a Collingwood Football top and listening to bagpipes!

This is a song from the aforementioned guitarist, Richard Thompson. Pretty cool.

I was fortunate enough to have my friend DJ Gar-E-17 play me some of Genesis' early material. It certainly was a lot more interesting than their later stuff (in my opinion). Not really my bag but a good listen nonetheless. That got me to thinking about other bands and their origins.

So, here's how Fleetwood Mac started out. So much better than anything on Rumours!

I'll finish with a great band and a song that's right for this weekend....

See you all next week.
DJ Rob

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