Thursday, December 2, 2010

Thursday in Busselton

Western Australia is 3 hours behind the eastern seaboard. And this didn't really hit me until about 4.30am this morning! A little bit of jetlag!!

Seppo, Craig and I cut a quick lap of town this morning on our bikes. A little bit windy and COLD!! But not raining at least! There were loads of people out doing the same and therefore a heap of interesting bikes to look at.

Straight after that we headed to the beach for an easy swim with AB as well. The water was warm and clear. It was, however, at this point, that I remembered that all my triathlon swimming ever had been in fresh water - the salt water taste was terrible!!

We've also been to the official and the renegade triathlon expos. The official gear was rather underwhelming. Maybe I'll need a bigger tattoo!

We've also had a drive around the bike course and been to register for the race. I now have a heap of gear with 577 written all over it.

Tomorow we probably won't do much except lie around and watch the cricket. It is a hard life I can tell you!

DJ Rob #577

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