Friday, December 3, 2010

Song of the Week #119

Here we are coming to you direct from Busselton in Western Australia. The weather is pretty good and the town if full of skinny, shaved down men and women eating like horses! Racing is on Sunday from 7am. You can follow all the action at

Life is slow in the Ironman Big Brother House today. Our instructions are to do pretty much nothing apart from resting up. Facebook, the Cricket and some race preparations are keeping us occupied.

My iPod has been getting a good workout as well. Here's a few tunes I've been enjoying.

That one came tome via free CD with MOJO magazine a while back. I think it is a great version of a classic.

Here's one that came out quite a while ago now. It was from an album I really didn't expect to like but was pleasantly surprised. Great upbeat sound and a strong vocal in my opinion. It came on the other day when I was running and gave me a cheesy grin for some reason.

This next track has been a regular on mix tapes, CDs and playlists with me for over 20 yeas abd I never tire of it. But please, the German lyrics are so much better.

So, Australia missed out on the football (soccer) World Cup. Oh boo hoo. Did we really think that as a nation that has soccer as the #4 football code we had a chance? But Qatar? Really? What were FIFA smoking last night? With an average temperature of 41 degrees during the World Cup months I'm sure the players just can't wait. Well, the government could now probably spend the money on something useful. Like cricket - our team needs help and now.

Well I'm going back to lying on the lounge now. But not before the Song of the Week. This is a cover of a tune used for one of my favourite TV shows. It rocks and the show is hilarious so I hope you enjoy it.

Stay tuned here on the blog as Ironman approaches. Just 2 sleeps to go!

Too much exposure is never enough,
DJ Rob

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