Friday, December 17, 2010

Song of the week #121

If you haven't done your Xmas shopping or given Santa your list then you need to get a move on! After a series of "interesting" events, we'll be having Xmas Day at home here in Canberra by ourselves. Not to worry, we have plenty of exciting things planned for a little later on! And of course it means that Santa can find us easily.

Angus finished primary school today. I reckon he's pretty pleased with himself. He'd really had enough with about 5 weeks to go but we did a deal for him to keep trying his best and I'm pretty proud that he made a good fist of it. His graduation ceremony reminded me that I really don't need to hear Green Day's "Time of your life" ever again.

Alison and I have been watching the TV series "Heroes" on DVD. I was pretty sceptical at first but it turned out to be a lot of fun. Well written and acted and full of cool cameos and references for sci-fi and superhero fans. We're into Season 3 so I guess you could say we're hooked!

Today I had my first run since Ironman. A gentle 8km (5 miles). And I really enjoyed it. The weather now is glorious and I enjoyed jogging along listening to some tunes and watching out for snakes!!

This is a song that came around with the iPod on shuffle...great one from American rockers Monster Magnet. I'm sure they stole the keyboard line from a scary movie soundtrack!

Monster Magnet - See You In Hell

I've been doing some cycling and I've been back in the pool as well. It has been great return to training and feel strong. I'm racing at the coast in February and I'll need to get some speed to go along with the endurance.

Clever Zoƫ picked up three awards at her school presentation evening. I'm very proud of her as well. She works so hard (too hard sometimes) and is very, very determined to do well.

Again I feel the need to bemoan the state of local music retailers. Way too many greatest hits compilations and "new releases" that are months old and overpriced. I'm really not a fan of greatest hits albums. I understand their place in the world but I like to listen to an album the way it was put together by the artist. After finding that Cheap Trick had done the theme song for "That 70's Show" for a couple of seasons I wanted to check them out. Looks like I'll have to look further afield or hit the iTunes store which I despise. I like the CD in my hand. I'll be in Sydney sometime in January though and I know a couple of awesome record stores there.

Here's Cheap Trick doing justice to a Beatles song. That's something not many bands can do. Do you think that Rik from "The Young Ones" modelled his look on guitarist Rick Nielsen? You be the judge.

Cheap Trick - Day Tripper(live)

From the world of 80s rock I found this little treasure. The original version of a Whitesnake's "Here I Go Again". The lyrics are slightly different to the version that is on the radio all the time but what makes this version much better in my opinion is the fact that there are real dynamics throughout the song whereas the re-recorded version is just a bit too "balls to the wall" for my liking.

Whitesnake - Here I Go Again

Speaking of balls to the wall, DJ Fatboy sent me this one recently. A real blast from the 80s metal past and probably only for the true believers out there. From Germany.....

Accept - Balls To The Wall

Here's a change of pace. I've always really liked the intro to this song. Funnily enough it is really good to play on guitar - sounds good chugging away on a heavily distorted open E string! That little rhythm was something I threw into a lot of songs when I was playing in bands. No-one ever picked it in any band but every now and then someone in the crowd would have a good laugh!

ABBA - Does Your Mother Know

A lot of bands are said to have that quintessentially Australian "sound". I guess if you're overseas then maybe it is Midnight Oil who would have that moniker and I'd understand that. For me, it is these guys.

VSPYVSPY - Clarity of Mind

I've thought more about last week's ramblings about the cost of higher education in the UK. While I can see that society cannot continue to fund every man and his dog to study advanced basket weaving, I am worried. How many awesome bands would we be without if artistic types didn't go to things like art school? I'm pretty sure Pink Floyd and The Who just to name a couple started in and around such institutions. It is important that different points of view and ways of thinking are developed in my opinion. Think for yourself.

And hey, congtratulations to my "little" brother on scoring a choice new job. I guess I won't see him on the TV anymore or pictured with the PM but I know he'll be pretty pleased to be able to spend more time at home. This song always reminds me of my brother. Perhaps only he will understand why!

Spice Girls - Wannabe

That's a funny story but it isn't mine to tell!!

And don't laugh, that song leads to this one...cracks me up but it is a cool tune. I tried to record it myself a few years back. And while I can sing better than the girl from the audience and better than Mel C did that night, it was best left alone. My Steve Earle effort was better. I think I'll stick to typing though until someone else volunteers to sing!

Bryan Adams - When You're Gone (live)

But wer're going to finish with something almost brand new this week. I heard this on the radio yesterday. Sometimes a song just clicks on the first listen and this is one of those cases. They are and out of Melbourne (but I detect some Kiwi influence!) and are channeling The Clash in the best possible way. Their first EP is on vinyl and I have ordered it already! Support local music and give this one a go, you won't be disappointed. They're on iTunes as well but I only found that out after ordering the vinyl. Who cares? Vinyl is king.

King Cannons - Take The Rock

Have a great weekend! Rock on!

DJ Rob

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  1. Interesting choices in songs - as always. I listened to Cheap Trick, very good until the end. SVS - hated the intro riff so passed. Love "Don't tear it down". King Cannons - pretty good but as you say - trying to sound like "The Clash" - shame. Will have to get back to "Heroes" one day but currently trying to catch up with "Dexter". We are about a season behind. Watched this last night "The.Legend.Of.Awesomest.Maximus". Look it up on IMDB. DJ Laff.