Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Browser wars

Argh! Sometimes it is all too hard. Internet Explorer is a pain, it is slow and clunky. But it comes with Windoze so I guess most people use it as a default. "Enlightened" folks may choose Mozilla Firefox and it isn't half bad, but lately it has been throwing up a lot of errors for me especially when accessing YouTube and even my Outlook Web Access.

We won't talk about Safari, it is better than it was but still lacking. It seems OK on my iPod though.

So, I thought I'd try Google Chrome which, in general, works a treat. Fast, easy, unobtrusive - all the things a browser should be.

But then my bro suggested SWR Iron. Iron is Google Chrome with none of the tracking built in! It is super fast and stable and I can't fault it. I'd recommend anyone give it a go. The download is small and free. I'll stick with it for a while.

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