Friday, November 26, 2010

Song of the Week #118

Who out there knows who Lemmy is? If you don't then get to Wikipedia right now, shame, shame, shame! Lemmy is the singer, bass player and founder of English hard rocking legends, Motorhead. A band I like a lot. But then I heard this:

Motorhead - The Ace of Spades (slow version):

All I can say is that I hope they got paid truckloads of money for doing this. It's for a beer commercial. There is a short documentary about the making of the song which is hilarious. Lemmy says at one stage, "I don't want it faster, I just don't want it as slow!" Watch that. Having said all that, the slow version does grow on the warts on Lemmy's face (are they real!!??)

The original version is a classic...required listening for any guitar player.

Motorhead - The Ace of Spades:

And here's something completely different...a tune that I have loved since a young age done a little differently.

Epica - In The Hall Of The Mountain King:

Well it seems we've moved into cover versions. Fair enough. Here's one that DJ Fatboy sent through. This is a case where I think the cover is about a million times better than the original.

Disturbed - Land of Confusion:

And now we have the opposite. The original of a song I first heard as a cover version. Anthrax did this song and I liked it. But the original is just amazing, here you go;

The Temptations - Ball Of Confusion:

Pretty funky? And so we move on. Maybe not too far though. My brother gave me the CD this next song is on years ago. I didn't really get into it for about a year, it just took time to grow on me I suppose. Extreme is the band and they fuse together a whole lot of styles. Sometimes they are a bit sickly sweet for my liking but this next track is just right. Gary Cherone sang briefly with Van Halen and Nuno Bettencourt is simply an amazing guitar player. For lovers of Queen, Hendrix and the Everly Brothers.

Extreme - Rest In Peace:

It isn't a far stretch from Extreme to KISS. This week I found a number of young people who had no idea who KISS were. This next clip sorted that out. Check the make up on the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra!!

KISS - Rock And Roll All Nite (live):

That looks like the party to end ALL parties! The DVD of the show is fantastic.

OK, so we've moved into the tapering section of training for Ironman. Basically sessions that are shorter but maintain intensity. Only one week and a day until the race. Wow, can't quite believe I've made it this far. I fly out for Western Australia on Weds morning with DJ Prez and then we go to the Ironman Big Brother House in Busselton with MC AB and the rest of the entourage. I will admit that I feel pretty fit and ready mentally for the big day but I am a bit nervous. The gun goes off at about 7am and the course closes 17hrs later. Who knows what will happen in that time! The 3.8km swim is up one side of the Busso Pier and back down the other. After that there is 180km of flat riding (3 x 60km loops) and I'm really hoping the wind stays away. The good thing is that the ride is like a rolling buffet - you have to eat and drink quite a bit to keep your body going. After that, let's say 6.5 hours of riding if I'm lucky, it is only a short matter of a 42km run to the finish and the medal.

This song isn't really about anything to do with Ironman but I am going out west, even if it is a different west. This is a great song from two great Australian singers. Any, yes, it is a cover!

Blundell and Reyne - Way Out West:

Next week I'll be coming to you from Busselton I hope. You can keep up with all the pre-Ironman exploits including the goings on in the Big Brother Ironman House on the blog if you are interested.

Hoo Roo,

DJ Rob

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  1. Hey chicken Brother. Enjoyed your posts this week. Listened to all songs except "Way out West". Good luck with Iron Man. go team Chicken